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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Dec 15, 2010

Saelig has announced the availability of uLCD-32PT, a 3.2in QVGA TFT with 65K LCD TFT display with integrated touch screen and smart graphics processor for industrial control and robotics.

The display is also suitable for applications such as: general-purpose embedded graphics; electronic gauges and meters; test and measurement instrumentation; GPS navigation systems; medical instrumentation; smart-home automation; security and access-control systems; and gaming equipment.

With a serial interface, users can now add graphics displays to microprocessor-based products.

ULCD-32PT is said to offer easy access to flexible embedded graphics, text, image, animation and more.

All screen-related functions are sent using a simple protocol via a serial interface.

ULCD-32PT is designed to work out-of-the-box to simplify development and reduce cost and time-to-market.

The display is a high-quality, low-cost 3.2in, 240 x 320pixel, 65k-colour TFT-LCD panel with an integrated four-wire resistive touch panel.

A five-pin connection provides an interface to almost any host device and supports external SD/uSD memory cards for storing images, video clips, fonts and general-purpose data logging.

In addition, the module includes a dedicated PWM audio pin that supports FAT16 audio WAV files and complex sound generation, an on-board audio amplifier and speaker, two 30-pin headers for I/O expansion, 4.0V to 5.0V range operation and support for all available Windows fonts and characters.

Two versions of uLCD-32PT are available: uLCD-32PT(GFX) for standalone applications, and uLCD-32PT(SGC) for serial-driven, microprocessor-based devices, allowing the display module to be used as a slave device where the external host sends all screen-related functions using a simple serial protocol.

The Picaso-GFX2 chip embedded in the uLCD-32PT(GFX) display allows users to write applications using 4DGL, the high-level 4D graphics language, which has syntax similar to languages such as Basic, C and Pascal.

4DGL enables users to develop applications that run standalone on the display and gives access to additional features of the Picaso-GFX2 graphics chip.

ULCD-32PT(GFX) includes 15K bytes of flash memory for user code storage and 14K bytes of SRAM for user variables, 13 GPIO pins as well as a master I2C interface and eight 16-bit timers with one millisecond resolution.

4DGL-Workshop3, an IDE that includes editor, compiler, linker and downloader is provided free-of-charge for developing complete 4DGL applications.

Four snap-off mounting tabs with 3mm holes provide mechanical support.

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