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Cheney Manor
Telephone: (UK) +44 1793 514774

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Listing of all 24 news releases from Sarel:

Range serves up solutions for any VDI application

Sarel reckons its latest CaSys range of racks and enclosures offers solutions for every VDI application.

News from Sarel (14 December 2004)

Racking up the benefits of a budget approach

The CaSys.Batirack is a new chassis comprising two 2.5mm-thick sheet steel uprights fixed on a plinth and connected by a cross-rail.

News from Sarel ( 2 June 2004)

Flat-pack flexibility for cabling racks

The latest 19in floor-standing cabling racks in the CaSys range come as convenient, easily stored kits, complete with all necessary fixings and fittings, and full assembly instructions.

News from Sarel ( 2 February 2004)

Enclosures have network infrastructure covered

The new 2003 edition of the VDI and electronic networks enclosure catalogue from Sarel provides users with a wider choice of more versatile products than ever before.

News from Sarel ( 8 October 2003)

Enclosure catalogue boasts 560 pages of data

The new 560-page catalogue from Sarel is an indispensable aid to fast and easy product selection for all who are involved in specifying or purchasing enclosures.

News from Sarel (13 August 2003)

Software sorts out enclosure cooling

Carrying out thermal calculations for enclosures is now easier and faster than ever with the new version of the popular Clima software package from Sarel.

News from Sarel (16 June 2003)

GRP enclosures solve corrosion conundrum

Enclosure users requiring economical products which will give long, trouble-free service outdoors and in other demanding environments should consid