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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Dec 1, 2010

Rittal has updated its online sub-rack configurator so it is no longer limited to only those units shown in the catalogue and includes all sub-racks possible from the parts in the product range.

Almost 1,000 different combinations are available for merging into a printable bill of materials, which can be submitted directly for a quotation.

In addition to the expansion in sub-racks, more of the accessories have also been included.

For example, it is possible to configure a complete system with mounting for horizontal boards in a minimal height sub-rack - a suitable solution where only two or three 6U boards are required to fit in a limited space.

The configurator also allows the inclusion of different mounting options for either rack-mount or desktop, optional covers to direct airflow or for protection, with many other variations.

It is available free at Rittal's website and includes a section on the Vario-Module instrument case, which is a smart desktop unit and utilises most of the accessories from the Ripac sub-rack range.

For a view of all the available parts in the range, the 'Electronics' CD is also available.

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