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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Aug 4, 2010

Rittal's Rizone management software combined with Microsoft's System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) can help data centres to achieve energy savings and improve business efficiency.

The Rizone software monitors and controls the cooling from chillers, computer-room air-conditioning (CRAC) systems, liquid-cooling packages and free cooling, power supplies (UPS and power distribution and so on), energy consumption and other physical parameters such as the temperature, access or security of a data centre.

The Microsoft SCOM monitors the performance of the server and also provides an event display and event evaluations.

Rittal and Microsoft have created a management pack to facilitate the sharing of data between IT infrastructure and servers.

Together, this commercial software extends beyond the infrastructure components and allows the power consumption monitoring of all devices to enable energy savings to be achieved.

If demand within the application layer is higher, the software interacts with the physical layer to provide more power or more cooling.

Conversely, if IT demand is low, the physical layer can effectively hibernate, which can significantly reduce valuable power consumption.

An added benefit is that a holistic view of the overall network infrastructure is provided via the SCOM graphical user interface.

Integrating systems can improve long-term efficiency and energy savings.

Rizone, in conjunction with SCOM, gives IT managers the tools to significantly drive down the per-usage effectiveness of their data centres.

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