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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Dec 10, 2009

Rittal's range of subracks, all branded under the Ripac banner, provides users with multiple options for housing printed circuit boards (PCBs) or plug-in modules in a 19in (48cm) rack environment.

Ranging from the Ripac Easy with non-EMC construction and ultra-quick assembly, to the Ripac Vario EMC for more sophisticated applications, the whole range shares common accessories, such as guide rails and divider kits for use where different-sized PCBs are to be accommodated.

The range of Rittal subracks provides users with multiple options for housing PCBs or plug-in modules.

The range of Rittal subracks provides users with multiple options for housing PCBs or plug-in modules.

Other parts of the range provide support for heavy loads (Ripac Solid) or are designed for simple mounting on DIN rails for a few boards (Ripac Compact).

Ripac Vario, meanwhile, may be upgraded to an EMC solution following assembly if necessary.

The company offers personal assistance with subrack and case design and backplane selection through its team of area managers and market specialists.

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