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Analogue signal generator with extended frequency

A Rohde and Schwarz product story
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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Jan 7, 2011

Rohde and Schwarz has added two frequency options, the RandS SMB B112 and RandS SMB B112L, to its RandS SMB100A analogue signal generator, which can now perform telecommunications blocking tests.

Both options cover a wide frequency range from 100 kHz to 12.75GHz.

In addition, the RandS SMB B112 option equips the RandS SMB100A with a wear-free electronic step attenuator that is present on no other signal generator in the frequency range up to 12.75 GHz has this feature.

An electronic step attenuator is beneficial when the generator's level settings must be changed frequently.

In production lines or in automated test equipment (ATE) systems, it ensures, for example, the required high switching speed and withstands heavy wear.

When equipped with the RandS SMB B112 / RandS SMB B112L option, the RandS SMB100A can perform the blocking tests that are specified in many telecommunications standards.

In these tests, the useful signal at the receiver is subjected to interference from a CW signal on a frequency up to 12.75GHz.

The RandS SMB100A can also be used as an RF source for tests on X-band radar equipment and in a variety of other applications.

Like the models that operate up to 6GHz, the 12.75GHz signal generators of the RandS SMB100A family also feature a very high output level as standard, outstanding RF characteristics and low cost of ownership.

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