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Renesas introduces 10th-generation power Mosfets

A Renesas Technology product story
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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Dec 18, 2009

Renesas Technology Europe has announced a line-up of 12 10th-generation power Mosfet products for isolated DC/DC converters for applications such as servers and communications/industrial equipment.

The new power Mosfets deliver a reduced switching loss for improved energy efficiency and cover a wide voltage tolerance range (40V, 60V, 80V and 100V).

According to the company, the 10th-generation fabrication process employed for the 12 new products has a proven track record in earlier power Mosfets (used mainly in non-isolated DC/DC converters) designed with a focus on on-resistance and it has been optimised to achieve a gate-drain charge (Qgd) that is up to 50 per cent lower than that of previous Renesas Technology products.

The Qgd is a key characteristic in achieving a low switching loss in a power Mosfet.

The high-performance package (package code LFPAK) lowers package resistance and improves heat dissipation characteristics, boosting product performance still further and contributing to isolated DC/DC converters with higher efficiency and reduced energy consumption.

To reduce the energy consumption of isolated DC/DC converters, there is demand for power Mosfets with a lower Qgd.

The 12 new power Mosfets are fabricated using Renesas Technology's 0.18um 10th-generation process, which has been optimised for this application.

For example, the RJK1056DPB with a 100V voltage tolerance has a Qgd of 7.5nC, which is approximately half the 14.5nC of the company's earlier HAT2173H.

The input and output voltages of an isolated DC/DC converter are determined by the voltage tolerance of the power Mosfets used.

In terms of the isolated components, an isolated DC/DC converter comprises a primary power supply as the input side and a secondary power supply as the output side.

The line-up of new power Mosfets includes products with a voltage tolerance of 80V and 100V, particularly in demand for the primary side, and products with a voltage tolerance of 40V and 60V, particularly in demand for the secondary side.

Customers can choose the products that best meet their requirements.

The new power Mosfets use Renesas Technology's LFPAK high-performance package.

It provides both low package resistance and excellent heat dispersion characteristics to prevent overheating of the element.

In comparison with a conventional SOP-8 or the like, the package itself contributes to the low-loss characteristics of the product.

Internal connections are made directly to a frame, reducing package inductance and ensuring suitability for high-frequency operation.

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