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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Mar 6, 2007

DTI Guidance Notes help to dispel many of the myths surrounding UK WEEE regulations.

Repic, the Recycling Electrical Producers' Industry Consortium, has welcomed the arrival of the DTI Guidance Notes in helping to dispel many of the myths surrounding UK WEEE regulations.

Dr Philip Morton, Chief Executive at Repic said: "The DTI Guidance Notes on the whole, contain no surprises for us and provided helpful clarification on a number of issues particularly on access to WEEE".

"It is very clear that WEEE must be made physically available free of charge to those schemes that need it".

"Repic will now be continuing its constructive dialogue with the DTI to obtain further explanation on specific points in the document".

A great deal of time was spent reviewing the guidance notes, published on 28th February 2007, and further discussions with its members, stakeholders and relevant parties will continue.

However, Repic was particularly pleased to see clarification on the following points: clarity on the distributor take-back scheme (DTS); the strong emphasis on retailers to only buy products from registered producers; the work that had been done on protocol evidence and the role of the settlement centre; clarification on the scope of products; and definition of producer compliance schemes' role in arranging the collection of household WEEE from DCFs and the requirement for DCFs to make WEEE available.

Repic also welcomed the code of practice, as a means of bringing together all the local authorities and producer compliance schemes, to ensure all civic amenity sites are cleared.

Repic also highlighted areas that need urgent clarification: no mention of the hazardous WEEE funding period between 1st April and 30th June; no limits on how much WEEE compliance schemes can process in excess of their obligations; and review the ways in which evidence notes are provided, as there are cutoff issues regarding materials that have not been recovered from WEEE.

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