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Product category: Networking Hardware
News Release from: RadiSys Corporation | Subject: ATCA-7220 packet processing module
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 30 January 2008

Packet processing module enables high

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With superior density and throughput for each slot, the ATCA-7220 helps companies minimise capital expenditures by reducing the amount of equipment needed.

RadiSys has released the Promentum ATCA-7220 Dual Octeon Plus packet processing module, the industry's first blade to enable highest density of Gigabit Ethernet interfaces in a single slot With significantly higher processing power and bandwidth access than other platform available today, the advanced telecommunications computing architecture (ATCA) module enables a complete solution for packet processing applications such as radio network controllers, session border control (SBC), security gateways, edge routers and media gateways