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Digital Multimedia Broadcast goes live in Cannes

A Radioscape product story
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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Feb 25, 2004

A hot topic at this year's 3GSM World Congress is the provision of data and video to mobile phones.

A hot topic at this year's 3GSM World Congress is the provision of data and video to mobile phones.

Although 3G has been positioned as the technology that will bring such services to mobile phones, considerable interest is growing in using broadcast technologies as a more efficient method.

The solution to achieving this, according to RadioScape, is to use the Eureka 147 DAB digital radio standard to deliver these services via DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcast).

RadioScape will be demonstrating an end-to-end solution on the WorldDAB booth, H24 in Hall 3, at the 3GSM World Congress.

The first part is its popular software-based, Professional Digital Radio Broadcast System that encodes the real-time multimedia content using H264 or Windows Media 9 and transmits it using data rates as low as 40Kbit/s for video.

This will be received on Samsung and RadioScape prototype DMB receivers.

The second part is the development of digital radio receivers that are small and low powered for integration into mobile devices such as phones, PDAs etc.

RadioScape will be showing for the first time its new RS250H micromodule that measures just 52 x 37 x 7mm - very similar in size to a CompactFlash module.

This is the world's first triband micromodule that delivers FM, RDS, Band III DAB and L-Band DAB for digital radio reception anywhere in the world.

"DMB is an incredibly robust technology as it was specifically designed for accurate reception of multimedia on the move", explained Nigel Oakley, VP of Marketing at RadioScape.

"There is a tremendous interest around the world, especially in Asia Pacific, in the ability to deliver data and video inexpensively to mobile receiving devices using DMB due to its ability to provide high quality services even in difficult reception conditions.

Being based on the widely deployed Eureka 147 standard, means that it can be rapidly implemented and easily supported".

RadioScape's software-defined digital radio receiver technology is based on Texas Instruments' DSPs and can enable many different mobile devices, such as mobile phones, to benefit from DMB technology.

"RadioScape has a leadership position from being a prime provider of both broadcast and receiver technologies", concluded Oakley.

"This gives an intimate, end to end total system knowledge that enables us to create innovative solutions and bring them to market ahead of our competition.

RadioScape is uniquely positioned to make broadcast multimedia on the move a practical reality".

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