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News Release from: Pulse-Link | Subject: CWave UWB
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 31 July 2006

Independent lab tests
verify HDTV benchmark

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Pulse-Link announces independent test results validating the unequaled performance of its CWave UWB Over Coax solution

The report generated by Quantum Parametrics, the leading provider of 1394 implementation test tools, confirms Pulse~LINK's performance over coax. Distances and data rates measured meet industry performance targets - previously unattained by alternative coax networking technologies - to enable high-performance whole-home, HDTV multimedia networks.

The focus of the independent testing was to validate unprecedented coax ranges and through-splitter performance at 400Mbps application layer throughput.

This benchmark enables 1394 S400 over coax for the delivery of guaranteed Quality of Service and Content Protection sought by industry for whole-home HDTV networking solutions.

The Quantum Parametrics report verifies that at sustained 400Mbps application layer throughput, Pulse-Link's CWave Over Coax performance spans hundreds of feet of in-home coaxial cable, including multiple consumer grade signal splitters.

The test scenarios were designed to stress the transmission system in various ways.

Tested configurations included several combinations comprising hundreds of feet of RG-59 consumer grade coaxial cable; multiple signal splitters; and various lengths of un-terminated coax cable stubs attached to unused splitter ports.

With this performance level, CWave delivers an important element to industry groups like the High Definition Audio Video Network Alliance (HANA) and service providers focusing on the distribution of premium High Definition content throughout the home.

Room to room distribution of multiple simultaneous HDTV streams and the increased bandwidth requirements for higher quality HDTV such as 1080p, all with 'Trick-play' (for pause, fast-forward and fast-rewind capabilities), can require several hundreds of Megabits of throughput and has not been achieved by any other coax networking technology.

Pulse-Link's CWave solution enables unprecedented whole-home networking of HDTV content, high quality multi-channel audio and high-speed data across in-home coax and wireless networks.

Benefits include the ability to connect devices such as Set-top boxes, DVD players, Personal Video Recorders, Home Audio Video Systems, TVs, Media centre PCs and more throughout the entire home.

Pulse-Link's CWave signal requires no changes to existing in-home coax cable wiring.

Whole-home multimedia networks can be enabled without incurring the heavy costs and trouble of installing new wiring.

'The ability to provide whole-home multimedia networking functionality at these performance levels is key for service providers to support the secure distribution of premium digital content throughout the home,' states Dan Friedman, Pulse-Link VP of Marketing.

'This important independent testing milestone validates the CWave silicon and paves the way to move forward with field trials later this year'.

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