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Crown House
Coronation Road
Cressex Business Park
HP12 3TA
Telephone: (UK) +44 1494 753800

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Listing of all 31 news releases from Powerline:

AC/DC power solutions meet modern demands

Young Electronics now offers Lambda's latest family of power supplies.

News from Powerline (12 October 2004)

Compact supply provides three outputs on the bench

The EST150 series is a compact new triple-output bench power supply from Powerline.

News from Powerline ( 9 June 2004)

Configurable power rises to new levels

Lambda's industry-leading Alpha power supply is now available across the full range of power levels from 400 to 1500W.

News from Powerline (13 February 2004)

Convertor raises the bar for efficiency

The ET-Series is the very latest DC/DC "super" convertor from ETA.

News from Powerline (13 November 2003)

Bench supply delivers a smooth 6kW

The latest high-powered AC/DC bench power supply from Delta Elektronika delivers 6000W at unrivalled levels of smoothness, giving low RF emissions and high immunity against interference.

News from Powerline ( 2 June 2003)

Low-cost power supplies are power-factor corrected

The ETA BF Series from Powerline is a range of low-cost, high-quality power supplies offering power outputs of 100W (BFD) or 150W (BFE) from a compact 1U size package.

News from Powerline (14 January 2003)

Half-brick convertors deliver 3.3 and 5V