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Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 27 September 2004

GSM RF test solutions on show in Singapore

PCTEL's RF Solutions Group is demonstrating a number of new products this week on Booth B7 at the 3GSM Asia 2004 World Congress.

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PCTEL's RF Solutions Group is demonstrating a number of new products this week on Booth B7 at the 3GSM Asia 2004 World Congress. The event runs until 1st October in the Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre, Singapore. The new SeeGull LX triband scanning receiver provides simultaneous RF measurements for the WCDMA 2100MHz, GSM 900MHz and GSM 1800MHz frequency bands.

Leveraging the high-speed SeeGull LX platform, this scanning receiver helps wireless operators meet their network coverage, capacity and quality objectives as they migrate from GSM to WCDMA.

The scanning receiver combines all of the features and functionality of the SeeGull LX WCDMA and GSM scanning receivers, including: a built-in spectrum analyser; RSSI, BSIC, C/I and BCCH Layer 3 messages for GSM; and RSSI, Pilot, Top N, timeslot, SIR and rake finger count for WCDMA.

The InSite wireless test system features a complete indoor measurement solution.

The added indoor support includes a tablet PC, a new battery pack, and a carrying pouch, making InSite a compact and easy-to-use indoor site survey tool.

When used along with the SeeGull TX WCDMA UMTS transmitter, the InSiteT wireless test system provides a complete and very cost-effective solution for deploying indoor WCDMA networks.

Clarify is an industry-leading RF propagation and interference measurement system that provides network operators with precise and comprehensive propagation measurements, enabling them to significantly increase their ability to manage and maximise network performance, coverage and quality of service.

With its ability for unparalleled C/I detection up to -20dB, Clarify enables the collection of key-up quality propagation data without key-up disruption.

This data enables engineers to troubleshoot complex coverage and interference problems and, through interfaces to leading automatic frequency planning (AFP) and automatic cell planning (ACP) solutions, to enhance existing network planning and optimisation processes.

Additionally, for those carriers deploying GPRS and Edge, Clarify delivers the accurate C/I coverage maps needed to map out and manage effective data coverage.

"Carriers are facing growth in customers and usage, migration to new technologies, and ever-increasing competition".

"This growth introduces many challenges as they work to meet coverage, capacity and quality goals while keeping costs low", commented Larry Swift, Vice President and General Manager, RF Solutions Group.

"Our new product offerings address the need for accurate, reliable, high-speed, multipurpose RF measurement and wireless testing solutions, delivered at low cost", added Swift.

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