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News Release from: Pixelmetrix Corp | Subject: DVStation-IP Qube
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 8 October 2004

IP monitor gains MPEG monitoring companion

The DVStation-IP Qube was designed specifically as a cost effective companion solution to the IneoQuest Singulus G1-T and Argus Media over IP test and monitoring products.

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The DVStation-IP Qube was designed specifically as a cost effective companion solution to the IneoQuest Singulus G1-T and Argus Media over IP test and monitoring products. Small and portable, the DVStation-IP Qube tests and monitors up to 50Mbit/s SPTS and MPTS extracted from full rate gigabit Ethernet IP interfaces by IneoQuest's Singulus G1-T or Argus. TR 101 290, PCR measurement, bandwidth, and video thumbnails are among the many features of the Pixelmetrix MPEG TS test suite.

A powerful and extensible SI/PSIP parsing engine supports decoding of MPEG, DVB, ISDB, ATSC, and Motorola DigiCipher II tables.

Designed for 24/7 monitoring applications, the system is rich remote control capabilities.

Tom Orlowski, Pixelmetrix VP Product Development says: "The DVStation-IP Qube was designed specifically as a companion to the IneoQuest Media over IP product line".

"The combined system merges best in class IP and MPEG monitoring platforms".

"Its feature set and performance was driven by customer demands in the Digital Cable and Television over DSL market segments who understand that ensuring a subscriber's quality of experience requires monitoring on both IP and MPEG layers".

"IneoQuest's Media over IP network monitoring tools are excellent for troubleshooting and maintaining the IP network transport layer".

"However, our customers often require monitoring of both the IP and MPEG layers within the IP network to ensure the quality of viewing experience", said Marc Todd, President and CEO of IneoQuest Technologies.

"Merging the IneoQuest IP monitoring platform and RVL technology with the new Pixelmetrix DVStation-IP Qube, gives our customers the right monitoring test solution for validating the MPEG layer as well as IP layer at any point in the IP network".

The Singulus G1-T is the market leader in real-time, full Gigabit Ethernet network test tools.

Connect to the network with the G1-T Gigabit capable copper or optical interface and thoroughly proof-out the IP portion of the network.

Troubleshoot IP packet jitter and loss in real time, examine protocol errors, log network utilisation and much more.

Argus is a real-time streaming video over IP network platform used with the IneoQuest remote video monitoring system (RVM).

Argus provides a solution for monitoring, maintaining and troubleshooting the QoS of a switched IP network for streaming video.

The G1-T and Argus are based on reconfigurable FPGA technology creating multi-use platforms with many IP test capabilities.

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