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Product category: Design and Development Software
News Release from: picoChip Designs | Subject: HSUPA-femtocell reference design
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 13 February 2007

Femtocell reference design for fast 3G

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picoChip has announced what it believes to be "the industry's first HSUPA-femtocell reference design.

Picochip has announced a HSUPA-femtocell reference design Femtocells or 3G access points allow carriers to compete with Voice over WiFi, improving coverage at home and improving service

The new PC8209 adds HSUPA to Picochip's industry standard reference design, as used by Ubiquisys, IPAccess and Dekolink among others.

For 3G data HSUPA adds faster uplink and reduces latency, especially important for wireless Web 2.0 applications or online gaming.

The new PC8209 software will run on the same hardware platform as the company's PC8208 product, currently shipping to manufacturers an