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Huey Jann LEDs to appear at EuroLED 2009

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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team May 29, 2009

Pacer will demonstrate high-power LEDs from Taiwanese manufacturer Huey Jann, at EuroLED 2009.

Pacer will showcase 100W high-power devices from the 10/20/50/100W LED range, available in cool, pure, natural and warm white; 15W LED strips; and 5W high-power LEDs.

Pacer will also display information on the 1W 100lm and 3W 175lm products.

All of these devices offer emission efficiency, low thermal resistance, energy efficiency, longer lifetime and improved degradation characteristics.

Huey Jann makes and sells high-quality LEDs, high power LEDs (including super bright / cluster LEDs), visible light photodiode products, infrared-emitting diodes and receiver modules, phototransistors and surface-mount LEDs.

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