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TT Optek releases the OCB100 sensor design kit

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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Jan 6, 2009

TT Optek's new sensor design kit provides a simple way of compensating for device-to-device variation in optoelectronic sensors.

The OCB100 automatic calibration design kit features a driver board with three different optoelectronic circuits to enable design engineers to easily calibrate optoelectronic devices, provide a consistent output signal and shorten design cycles.

The OCB100 driver board is configured to calibrate reflective or interruptive devices, allowing designers to compensate for device variations due to manufacturing differences, temperature changes, power fluctuation and device aging commonly present in optoelectronic systems.

The design kit enables engineers to adapt and calibrate any Optek sensor to any application.

The OCB100 series system calibrates reflective, interruptive and special opto sensors to produce a consistent output, eliminating the need to confirm either the LED drive resistance or phototransistor load resistance to provide a steady state condition.

The system gives the designer the ability to narrow the device's expected startup output state.

Degradation of the LED or phototransistor is compensated for each-time the system is calibrated.

Optoelectronic devices can be mounted directly to the OCB100 series driver board.

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