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Orchid provides PLC customisation service

An Orchid Technologies Engineering and Consulting product story
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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Jul 24, 2009

Orchid Technologies is offering a PLC customisation service that can save money, space and simplify deployment when compared with general-purpose PLCs.

Orchid Technologies recently custom-developed a cryogenic pump controller for an application in which controller size, safety and reliability were paramount concerns.

Cryogenic pump control makes use of specialised pressure and temperature sensors.

It requires the execution of specially timed operational sequences.

Motor systems, heating systems and liquid flow systems must be precisely controlled.

Commands are received from upstream factory-automation equipment.

Operator indicators provide early emergency-situation warnings.

Based upon a low-cost Freescale HCS12 processor, the cryogenic pump controller replaced thousands of dollars of general-purpose PLC equipment.

The single circuit-board custom controller provided RS232 communications, network communications, real-time clock services, AC motor control, AC heater control, two cryogenic temperature sensing channels, two low-pressure sensors, and a general-purpose IO.

Custom programming efficiently executes complex pump-control sequences including purging, regeneration, temperature control and error detection.

The single-board controller is housed in a small water-proof NEMA-rated steel box.

Customised industrial-control solutions, such as the cryopump controller, costs a fraction of what a comparable PLC solution may cost.

Orchid has developed numerous custom industrial controllers.

It carefully studies clients' control requirements.

It selects from a variety of processor and sensor circuitry choices.

It designs and fabricates a custom solution to demanding control needs.

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