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Optek Technology

1645 Wallace Drive
TX 75006
Telephone: (USA) +1 972 323 2200

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LED rings in the IR spotlight

Light rings based on using LEDs with 850 to 880nm wavelengths offer a compact means to illuminate a given area with near-infra-red light.

News from Optek Technology (12 May 2008)

Optocouplers offer analogue and digital options

UL- and VDE-certified optocouplers provide total electrical isolation for a wide range of applications.

News from Optek Technology ( 4 April 2008)

Miniature IR LEDs promise longer life

OP180 and OP280 Series IR LEDs are ideal for noncontact position sensing, datum detection, machine automation, and optical encoding applications.

News from Optek Technology ( 3 April 2008)

Wide viewing angle expands fitting options for LED

The 1204 package size provides OVSRRGBCC3 users with the option of mounting the LED as a top-emitting or side-emitting device.

News from Optek Technology (14 January 2008)

Optically coupled isolators for rugged protection

Optically coupled isolators provide design engineers with a direct TTL/LSTTL interface with four output options - totem pole, open collector, inverse totem pole or inverse open collector.

News from Optek Technology ( 8 November 2007)

High-voltage optoisolators handle speedy data

Optoisolators are ideal for a variety of applications that require high-speed data transmission or high voltage signal isolation.

News from Optek Technology ( 6 November 2007)

Isolators suit dirty environments

The isolat