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Diodes don diminutive packaging

An ON Semiconductor product story
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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Sep 21, 2006

A novel diode package measures a mere 1.0 x 0.6mm with a 0.4mm profile, yet delivers impressive performance.

ON Semiconductor has introduced three new ESD diodes and three Schottky diodes in an ultrasmall SOD-923 package.

The package measures a mere 1.0 x 0.6mm with a 0.4mm profile, yet delivers impressive performance.

These diodes are ideal for portable, consumer and wireless products requiring efficient power and best in class ESD protection using minimal board space.

"ON Semiconductor is an industry leader in micro packaging and strongly committed to providing smaller and smaller high-performance package options for space-constrained portable applications", said Mamoon Rashid, General Manager of ON Semiconductor's Discrete Product Group.

"Our newest package - the SOD-923 - delivers better overall performance than competitive devices".

"Until now, an SOD-723 with a 0.084 mm-squared footprint was the smallest package ON Semiconductor offered for these ESD and Schottky devices".

"Our new SOD-923 package delivers a 38% reduction in footprint for handheld applications where board space saving is critical, without a corresponding reduction in performance".

The ESD9X3.3S, ESD9X5.0S and ESD9X12S are designed to clamp fast-rising ESD pulses to prevent damage to voltage sensitive components on the board.

These devices provide the highest level of ESD protection available in the SOD-923 package as measured by the IEC61000-4-2 ESD compliance standard.

Their small size facilitates placement near input/output ports where ESD can enter the system.

As such, the devices suppress the transient voltage before it can be coupled into the rest of the board.

The ESD9X series of diodes feature lower clamping voltage and lower leakage than multilayer varistors of comparable size.

Budgetary pricing for these devices is US $0.034 per unit for quantities of 10,000 units.

The NSR0130P, NSR0230P and NSR0140P are Schottky barrier diodes designed for high-speed switching applications and use in discrete boost and buck conversion.

Featuring extremely low forward voltage to reduce conduction losses, these new Schottky's are more efficient than integrated solution alternatives.

The devices provide true design flexibility and power savings by creating a direct current supply at voltages not already available from a given power management unit.

Additionally, the flexibility inherent in these Schottky's helps designers incorporate expanded features that require diverse voltage requirements.

Such features could include camera, camera flash and LED backlighting.

Budgetary pricing for these new Schottky diodes is US $0.034 per unit for quantities of 10,000 units.

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