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ZigBee kit gains analysis software

An One RF Technology product story
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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Dec 13, 2007

The Basic edition of Daintree's SNA software will be bundled with the One RF ZigBee Demo Case from December 2007.

One RF Technology is working with Daintree Networks to offer ZigBee developers a powerful new combined solution.

One RF Technology is effectively outsourcing development of ZigBee test tools by including Daintree's SNA software with its new ZigBee Demo Case.

This enables One RF to place greater focus on its core area of expertise, and to accelerate their development of low-cost low-power ZigBee modules and embedded ZigBee application profiles.

"By allowing us to optimise our engineering capabilities, this partnership will not only decrease the time to market of our ZigBee radio solutions, but more importantly it will improve the customer experience thanks to the Daintree Networks' software tools", says Petteri Koskinen, Marketing Manager at One RF Technology.

"Moreover, the fact that the Daintree SNA is already compatible with Texas Instruments CC2420- and CC2430-based hardware bundled with the TI Z-Stack makes Daintree Networks the perfect partner for One RF Technology".

The uTinyOne ZigBee OEM RF module from One RF Technology is based on the CC2430 SoC and it is available with the TI ZigBee or ZigBee Pro stack.

"We're pleased that One RF has chosen Daintree's SNA software to include with their new ZigBee kits, and we're looking forward to working more closely with them in the future", says Jason Choong, Director of Marketing at Daintree Networks and Chair of the ZigBee Alliance Commissioning Tools Task Group.

"An important part of this new partnership is the work we're doing to provide customers with a combined ZigBee commissioning solution".

"Not only will the One RF kits take full advantage of the commissioning capabilities that have been added to recent SNA releases, but Daintree will also be given the opportunity to validate and improve our commissioning tools, and to provide customers with the best possible solution".

The new ZigBee Demo Case is based on One RF Technology's certified ZigBee Compliant Platform (ZCP) and the in-house Z-One Stack (One RF ZigBee Stack 2006 V1.11).

Application profiles for I/O management and serial link emulation are included in the package.

The ZigBee Demo Case also features a functionality that allows ZigBee networks to be built and configured even without a PC.

Daintree's Sensor Network analyser (SNA) provides the industry's most comprehensive solution for both the development and deployment of IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee systems.

This standards-based tool keeps up-to-date with the latest ZigBee specifications to help ensure compliance and interoperability.

The Basic edition of Daintree's SNA software will be bundled with the One RF ZigBee Demo Case from December 2007.

A 30-day trial version of the fully-featured SNA Professional edition will also be provided (including 30 days of support from Daintree).

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