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122 Edison Drive
OH 45044
Telephone: (USA) +1 513 360 0800

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Listing of all 15 news releases from NuWaves:

RF filters allow easy upgrades

SMA connectors provide a fast and simple means to easily change between modules as filter needs change.

News from NuWaves (10 April 2008)

RF upconvertor delivers high-quality output

A new high-performance, multioctave RF upconvertor delivers a spectrally pure RF output yielding a highly flexible input and output frequency range selection.

News from NuWaves (14 March 2008)

Amplifiers come with customised filtering

NuWaves Engineering has added a custom filter amplifier to its growing line of amplifiers and other RF products.

News from NuWaves (23 January 2007)

Amplifier shrinks to one-eighth the size

The uHilna amplifier with its micro size and light weight is ideal for system integrators where footprint size is a determining factor.

News from NuWaves