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nSys Design Systems

35463 Dumbarton Court
CA 94560
Telephone: +1 510 257 4368

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Listing of all 3 news releases from nSys Design Systems:

Verification IP chosen for the next generation

JMicron Technology has chosen the PCI Express Gen2 nVS from nSys Design Systems to accelerate its next generation designs.

News from nSys Design Systems (13 April 2007)

Community membership aids ARM development

NSys Design Systems has joined the ARM Connected Community, giving it access to a full range of resources to help it market and deploy innovative solutions.

News from nSys Design Systems (10 May 2006)

ChipX signs for PCI Express verification

Structured ASIC specialist ChipX has chosen the nSys Verification Suite (nVS) for PCI Express verification.

News from nSys Design Systems (2 March 2006)


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