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Monitoring system features Nordic transceivers

A Nordic Semiconductor product story
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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Dec 24, 2010

Nordic Semiconductor has announced that Spantec has developed a fully comprehensive ANT+ telemedical remote monitoring system using Nordic nRF24AP2 eight-channel 2.4GHz ANT transceivers.

The i-Residence uses an ANT+ ULP wireless network to detect medical emergencies in nursing homes, hospitals and private households, particularly for the elderly.

The network employs ANT+ compatible devices and a series of wireless relay bridges (typically one per room or ward) that connect to an ANT+ hub located in a GSM-based (mobile phone network) modem.

Emergencies are detected and classified in rising levels of escalation with various application-dependent measurement options.

These include automatic fall detection using a wireless hip worn device developed by Spantec (currently undergoing full clinical trials in one of Austria's largest hospitals) that measures movement and motion (and is able to store data for scientific research); automatic alert to rescue center control desks, relatives or neighbours by phone, short message service (text message) or visual interface; and full compatibility with any third-party ANT+ medical, health or fitness device (such as monitors for blood pressure, blood glucose, mobile ECG, weight or heart rate).

In operation, a Nordic nRF24AP2 2.4GHz eight-channel single-chip-connectivity solution running ANT RF protocol software is built into a Spantec-provided GSM modem ANT+ hub that can communicate with up to 64 Nordic nRF24AP2 eight-channel-based Spantec relays per sub net.

The ULP performance characteristics of the Nordic ANT chips mean that in the event of a mains power failure, the relays can run from back-up battery power alone for up to 24 hours.

In addition, Nordic ANT chips are highly immune to interference from other 2.4GHz wireless sources (such as Bluetooth wireless technology and Wi-Fi) that may be operating in the vicinity.

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