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NIC Components Europe

14 Top Angel
Buckingham Industrial Park
MK18 1TH
Telephone: (UK) +44 1280 813737

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Listing of all 59 news releases from NIC Components Europe:

Aluminium electrolytic capacitors survive 260C

Improved construction allows surface-mount capacitors to survive the maximum recommended temperature for SAC alloy lead-free reflow solder processes.

News from NIC Components Europe (10 April 2008)

Aluminium electrolytic capacitors extend to 100V

The NRSG series is ideal for use in industrial control applications such as switching power supplies and convertors.

News from NIC Components Europe (18 January 2008)

Low-profile electrolytics snap into place

Snap-in electrolytic capacitors offer high capacitance-voltage performance combined with high ripple current ratings.

News from NIC Components Europe (12 November 2007)

Component kits are on hand for prototyping

Free Quick Kit service allows engineers to order selections of current sensing resistors, thermistors, MLCCs, hybrid and solid chip electrolytic capacitors and thin-film chip inductors.

News from NIC Components Europe (20 July 2007)

Film capacitors stack up advantages

Stacked film chip capacitors are ideal as an alternative to higher loss and less stable MLCC capacitors.

News from NIC Components Europe (29 June 2007)

Ultraminiature fuses protect on the surface

Thick- and thin-film surface-mounting micro fuses can be reflow soldered and come with full safety agency certification.

News from NIC Components Europe (16 May 2007)

SMT capacitors provide memory backup

NIC Components has introduced a new range of SMT capacitors designed to provide memory backup under power failure conditions.

News from NIC Components Europe (18 January 2007)

Passives suppliers help fight cancer

Three employees from Buckingham based passive components supplier NIC Components Europe have completed the Northampton Race for Life.

News from NIC Components Europe ( 5 January 2007)

Chip capacitors handle the heat of reflow

NIC Components has introduced six new series of SMT V-Chip capacitors that feature +260C soldering heat ratings.

News from NIC Components Europe (20 November 2006)

Electrolytics handle higher solder temperatures

The NACZ series of surface mount electrolytic capacitors is now suitable for exposure to a maximum soldering temperature of +255C.

News from NIC Components Europe (25 September 2006)

Electrolytics replace multiple tantalum chips

Flat chip surface mount solid aluminium electrolytic capacitors can replace multiple tantalum chip devices in designs such as power supplies.

News from NIC Components Europe ( 3 July 2006)

Inductor sample kits assembled online

NIC Components has introduced a free online facility that allows design engineers to build their own surface mount power inductor sample kits.

News from NIC Components Europe (12 May 2006)

Components catalogues are split into four

The first in a new series of catalogues covers comprehensive ranges of aluminium and tantalum electrolytic capacitors.

News from NIC Components Europe ( 1 May 2006)

Surface mount resistors make sense of current

Four new ranges of surface mount resistors address the rapidly growing need for current sensing in power management and control applications in low-voltage high-current circuits.

News from NIC Components Europe (10 January 2006)

Website updated to provide improved support

NIC Components Europe has made two significant updates to its website to provide improved support and rapid information for its customers.

News from NIC Components Europe (26 September 2005)

Thin film inductors aim for RF applications

In order to address the growing number of RF and wireless applications NIC Components Europe has introduced its NTL series of surface mount thin film inductors.

News from NIC Components Europe (15 April 2005)

Film capacitors tackle suppression duties

NIC Components Europe has introduced a new range of radial leaded interference suppression film capacitors.

News from NIC Components Europe ( 1 March 2005)

Chip inductors aim for wireless applications

The NML series of multilayer chip inductors from NIC Components Europe has been designed specifically for high frequency applications.

News from NIC Components Europe (10 February 2005)

Long-life claims for aluminium electrolytics

A new series of miniature aluminium electrolytic capacitors combines ultralow impedance with long life and low temperature stability.

News from NIC Components Europe (20 January 2005)

Gothic goes lead-free

Gothic Components is to stock the rapidly growing range of lead-free surface mount aluminium capacitors from NIC Components Europe.

News from NIC Components Europe (10 January 2005)

Chip capacitors stay more stable

Surface mount power inductors meet needs

Gothic Components signs to design

Safety capacitors shrink to surface mount outline

Capacitors live longer at high temperatures

Electrolytics last longer at high voltages

Chip resistors claim high precision

Ultralow impedance from tiny radial electrolytics

Catalogue brings it all together

Solid performance from novel hybrid electrolyte

Addison takes charge of distribution

Website devoted to RF passives

Coleman brings strong technical background

Ceramic chips are budget RF option

Capacitors take on limited space applications

Inductors shrink to compact case sizes

Large screw can electrolytics store more energy

Some electrolytics like it hot

Solid polymer capacitors cut down ESR

Hybrid electrolyte capacitors oust solid polymers

Brochure and website highlight low-ESR capacitors

Solid-polymer electrolytics tackle regulation

NIC Eurotech is most successful investor

Newspaper award for NIC Eurotech

Radial capacitors combine long life and low ESR

Ultra-low ESR for aluminium capacitors

Electrolytics for low-voltage high-current uses

Inelec to distribute NIC Eurotech in Iberia

Website dedicated to low-ESR capacitors

Low high-frequency ESR for aluminium electrolytics

One-stop reference guide for passives

Ferrite chip beads handle up to 6A

High ripple current for surface-mount capacitors

Ultra-low-ESR capacitors on the surface

Ultrastable ceramic chips target Bluetooth

Chip inductors save space in high-current designs

NIC turns to Setron in Germany

Deltron takes NIC to Swiss markets

Capacitor arrays have reduced trace distances


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