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New Product information from NetTest
Date: 13 October 2004 ? Company contact details

VoIP tester to add voice quality assessment

NetTest is working with Psytechnics to bring nonintrusive voice quality measurement capabilities to its MasterQuest VoIP solution.

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NetTest is working with Psytechnics to bring nonintrusive voice quality measurement capabilities to its MasterQuest VoIP solution.
Having passed the initial technology and adoption hurdles, VoIP is becoming a mainstream service.
Many incumbent network operators are exploring IP technology as a way of achieving increased operational efficiency as well as a platform for new services, while other players are exploring IP technology as a vehicle for market entry or business repositioning.
Quality of service has become an important cornerstone in the quest for users.
Satisfactory service quality is not only a prerequisite to build confidence with the end-user and grow the customer base; high quality of service is also a must in order to retain customers.
By integrating Psytechnics' psyVoIP voice quality assessment software into the MasterQuest VoIP solution, NetTest is able to offer a comprehensive service assurance solution to IP network operators and providers of IP-based services.
The MasterQuest VoIP solution enables continuous non-intrusive voice quality monitoring of all calls in the network.
This not only enables monitoring of the end-user experienced voice quality in real-time, but it can also be used for rapid diagnosis of customer-affecting network problems, allowing efficient prioritisation of network maintenance.
The voice quality offered by the network is made visible through key performance indicators, thus providing a basis for service level agreements with both customers and partners/suppliers.
MasterQuest VoIP is a fully integrated network and service performance monitoring system, where tools for monitoring, troubleshooting and service assurance are integral parts of the same carrier-class OSS framework, enabling early problem detection, rapid analysis of problems, and constant monitoring of performance and service levels.
The solution offers full end-to-end service visibility across converged networks, thus enabling full troubleshooting across packet- and circuit switched technology domains.
"The major challenge of VoIP is to guarantee constantly positive customer perception of quality of service (QoS) at a reasonable operating cost in an environment of complex, converging multitechnology and multi-operator networks", said John Winchester, CEO of Psytechnics.
"NetTest's MasterQuest VoIP solution provides the end-to-end network visibility that is key to achieving this goal, through a set of monitoring capabilities that focuses on IP voice service quality".
"Psytechnics' psyVoIP solution brings the vital end-user perspective into the consolidated customer-service-network view for monitoring and management of network-wide Quality of Service", said Jorgen Weber, Vice President and head of the Systems Business Unit at NetTest.
"Today we are focusing on voice services, but the co-operation with Psytechnics will extend to cover monitoring and management of video and other multimedia services, enabling service providers to monitor the performance and behaviour of other applications and services in the SIP network".

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