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Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 20 August 2002

Telnor expands network monitoring

Telenor Mobile has ordered a significant expansion to its existing MasterQuest monitoring system.

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Telenor Mobile, the largest provider of wireless services in Norway, has ordered a significant expansion to its existing MasterQuest monitoring system with more than double the number of SS7 signalling links and the addition of a significant number of high speed signalling links (HSSLs). Telenor Mobile originally selected MasterQuest to monitor the most critical parts of its core network. Telenor has now decided to expand the coverage of the core network and to add the monitoring of high speed links.

This will further confirm the proven benefits of improved quality of service and reduced operating expenses by providing the key decision-makers with further insight into the end-to-end performance of Telenor Mobile's network.

Telenor uses MasterQuest because it is a very cost effective way to monitor and improve the quality of the network.

As new technology and new mobile data services are added, MasterQuest can be expanded to ensure that Telenor's customers continue to receive the high standards they expect from Telenor.

"Whenever an existing customer places an order for new functionality and greater coverage, it is a strong vote of confidence in NetTest.

It proves that the initial investment made has proven its value and that the customer trusts NetTest to play an increasingly important role as networks and services become more complex", said Michael Rasmussen, Vice President, General Manager, Network Management Systems, NetTest.

"Telenor is one of an increasing list of mobile carriers that have helped make MasterQuest the leading system for monitoring of GSM and GPRS services".

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