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Network tester gains further options

NetTest has released two new options for its CMA 3000 all-in-one field tester for fixed and mobile networks

News from NetTest (30 September 2005)

Anritsu to acquire NetTest

Anritsu has signed a definitive agreement to acquire NetTest, the leading global provider of network monitoring systems and field use communications test products

News from NetTest (12 August 2005)

Comms analyser spans across multiple technologies

A novel network and service performance analyser enables operators and vendors to quickly install, troubleshoot and optimise existing and emerging services across circuit- and packet-switched domains

News from NetTest (16 June 2005)

NetTest looks to focused growth strategy

NetTest has released its 2004 financial results, showing that its revenue increased from DKK 550 million in 2003 to DKK 569 million in 2004

News from NetTest (6 June 2005)

Austrian operator orders active test solution

Austrian network operator tele.ring has awarded a contract to NetTest for the delivery of a UMTS active service quality monitoring solution

News from NetTest (19 May 2005)

Partnership to assure wireless services

NetTest has signed a definitive agreement to co-operate with Casabyte in a partnership to bring integrated network and service assurance solutions to wireless operators

News from NetTest (14 October 2004)

VoIP tester to add voice quality assessment

NetTest is working with Psytechnics to bring nonintrusive voice quality measurement capabilities to its MasterQuest VoIP solution

News from NetTest (13 October 2004)

All-in-one field tester for mobile networks

The CMA 3000 is a new-generation field tester for mobile networks, already the subject of an order from a major mobile operator

News from NetTest (2 September 2004)

Mutual collaboration on training services

NetTest and APIS Technical Training have entered a mutual co-operation agreement in Europe

News from NetTest (1 July 2004)

Monitor assures VoIP quality

NetTest reckons its MasterQuest VoIP solution is the most complete service assurance system for voice-over-IP networks

News from NetTest (17 June 2004)

Modest profit is major recovery

NetTest has released its 2003 financial results

News from NetTest (19 April 2004)

Monitoring system bound for Ukraine

Ukraine-based Golden Telecom has awarded a contract to NetTest for the delivery of a nationwide MasterQuest network and service monitoring system

News from NetTest (23 March 2004)

Troubleshooter tackles UMTS networks

NetTest has added a UMTS extension to its MasterQuest monitoring and troubleshooting system

News from NetTest (3 December 2003)

Testing time for 3G networks

NetTest has a suite of monitoring and testing products that empower wireless operators to make better decisions for increasing revenue and user satisfaction from UMTS networks

News from NetTest (5 November 2003)

Test solutions upgraded in Cannes

NetTest has made major additions to its lineup of network-wide monitoring and hot spot expert analysis tools for operators and users of wireless services

News from NetTest (11 February 2003)

Handheld network tester takes jitter onboard

NetTest has added jitter test and measurement features to its Lite 3000E handheld network testing instrument for fixed and mobile networks

News from NetTest (26 September 2002)

Deutsche Telekom puts Impact to work

Deutsche Telekom has selected the NetTest Impact ISDN call data analyser for protocol monitoring

News from NetTest (23 September 2002)

Channel equaliser takes control of optical nets

According to NetTest, its new DynaMics channel equaliser allows system designers to control all-optical networks more accurately

News from NetTest (6 September 2002)

Next-generation mux/demux shows up at ECOC

Mics Platinum is the latest breakthrough in multiplexer/demultiplexer technology for DWDM network systems that reduces design and operational costs in next-generation network systems

News from NetTest (4 September 2002)

Telnor expands network monitoring

Telenor Mobile has ordered a significant expansion to its existing MasterQuest monitoring system

News from NetTest (20 August 2002)

Danes extend GPRS monitoring

Telia Mobile Denmark has ordered an expansion of its existing NetTest MasterQuest system to monitor GPRS services

News from NetTest (9 August 2002)

Fibre monitoring system upgraded to cover DWDM

Distribution for multilayer network test platform

Vodafone keeps tabs on GPRS in Ireland

Handheld analyser gains further GPRS capability

Multilayer test platform cuts measurement costs

China Academy of Sciences in NetTest development

Hotspot analysis for fixed and wireless networks

Performance analysis for mobile networks

Award for optical spectrum analyser

VoIP conformance and performance on test

Suites test real-life network scenarios

Network monitor uses IP address range filtering

Handler gets fibres ready for QA testing

Network tester takes GPRS in hand


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