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Product category: Networking Hardware
News Release from: NetBurner | Subject: Ethernet modules
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 16 March 2006

What does it really take to network a

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Tim Shannon from NetBurner argues that using Ethernet is more than choosing a component manufacturer - it's about choosing a long term partner.

The evolution of high speed connectivity and the advent of the worldwide web are changing market demands for embedded systems These new demands require the incorporation of emerging communication architectures like Ethernet

The incorporation of Ethernet enables easy configuration, monitoring, and control of embedded systems through the use of a common web browser.

A browser can also provide a more dynamic product interface, giving a more polished look and feel to the end product.

Although simple in use, the development of products with Ethernet connectivity is no trivial task.

The complexities of TCP/IP stack operation require a great deal of knowledge and effort to implement.

Stack operation can also quickly consume processor resources if not efficiently integrated into a real time operating system.

Bringing web services into the picture, it becomes clear the engineering effort of developing an Ethernet solution can be substantial.

These complexities make in house development and maintenance of the stack alone impractical.

The engineering effor