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NCT Europe

3 Munro House
Trafalgar Way, Bar Hill
Telephone: (UK) +44 1954 205 502

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Software squashes extreme background noise

Software helps Bluetooth headsets and mobile phones to be used in extreme environments such as discos, football matches, motor racing circuits, construction sites and airports.

News from NCT Europe (20 November 2006)

Echo cancellation extends to VoIP

 User application article   ClearSpeech echo cancellation technology features in VoIP-based mobile video collaboration system.

News from NCT Europe ( 1 November 2006)

Paper explains improved voice recognition

NCT will explain how to enhance the performance of voice recognition systems at a key industry conference to be held at the Embedded Systems Show.

News from NCT Europe (23 August 2006)

NCT licenses voice technologies to Trilogy

Cambridge technology company NCT has licensed its voice technology p