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Murata Electronics (UK)

Oak House, Ancells Road Ancells Business Park
GU51 2QW
Telephone: (UK) +44 1252 811666

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Listing of all 32 news releases from Murata Electronics (UK):

Low-ESR chips come in plastic packaging

New tape is 4mm wide and has a pitch of 0.1mm, saving around 75% of the volume of packaging material waste compared with the previous tape packaging.

News from Murata Electronics (UK) (23 April 2008)

Ceramic resonators save IC space

Murata's CSTCE-XT ceramic resonators have built-in ceramic resonators with built-in load capacitors to reduce component count and save space in USB 2.0 controller IC driver circuits.

News from Murata Electronics (UK) (14 March 2008)

Multilayer ceramic chips run to microwave

Low ESR helps reduce power consumption in mobile phones, basestations and telecommunications equipment, particularly RF power amplifiers.

News from Murata Electronics (UK) (18 February 2008)

Smaller format for ferrite inductors

Devices are suitable for EMI reduction on DC power lines and low speed signal lines where the smaller packaging reduces board space.

News from Murata Electronics (UK) (25 January 2008)

Chip inductors save space onboard

Multilayer power inductors use Murata's proprietary ceramic materials and innovative inner electrode design.

News from Murata Electronics (UK) (18 January 2008)

Hybrid couplers save space in handsets

The LDC15 series boasts a very low insertion loss of less than 0.2dB (typical at 25C), minimising the impact on the transmit signal power.

News from Murata Electronics (UK) ( 4 January 2008)

SAW lab to help ISM band designers