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The MathWorks

Matrix House
Cowley Park
Telephone: (UK) +44 1223 423200

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Listing of all 90 news releases from The MathWorks:

Embedded coder qualifies for automotive safety

Certificate is based on a workflow for typical automotive applications that addresses "Application-specific verification and validation of models and generated code".

News from The MathWorks (13 August 2008)

Model-based design meets automotive specs

The C code generated by Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder matches the Simulink and Stateflow model results for MathWorks Release R2007b.

News from The MathWorks ( 4 June 2008)

Toolboxes combine in parallel development

Parallel computing capabilities are now integrated inside the optimisation solvers of MathWorks Optimisation Toolbox and Genetic Algorithm and Direct Search Toolbox.

News from The MathWorks (13 May 2008)

Comms design library upgrades for the long term

Latest version provides enhanced support for code generation and examples of important features of WiMAX and Long Term Evolution communications systems.

News from The MathWorks ( 9 May 2008)

Software confirms DO-178B and IEC-61508 compliance

A number of organisations have reduced or eliminated manual verification processes by using Simulink Verification and Validation to capture internal guidelines and automatically check models.

News from The MathWorks (15 April 2008)

Software makes the link with verification

EDA Simulator Link DS lets design, verification and system engineers use Matlab and Simulink to efficiently model, analyse and verify HDL and RTL implementations.

News from The MathWorks (28 March 2008)

Software tests product compatability

EDA Simulator Link products support design teams across FPGA and ASIC markets that are striving to reduce development time, design flaws and verification costs.

News from The MathWorks (26 March 2008)

Software compatibility manages electronics design

A single Simulink model can be used as a reference throughout the development process for simulation, rapid prototyping and production code generation in both Autosar and nonAutosar environments.

News from The MathWorks (20 March 2008)

Design and development comes up to date

Improved object-oriented programming capabilities in Matlab enable users to develop complex technical computing applications faster than with other languages, such as C++, C# and Java.

News from The MathWorks ( 6 March 2008)

Software provides radio physical layer model

 User application article   Using Simulink, Matlab and companion products, Sepura engineers developed a complete model of the Tetra physical layer, easily integrating its existing C co