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Mosaic Industries

5437 Central Avenue, Suite 1
Telephone: (USA) +1-510-790-8222

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Listing of all 11 news releases from Mosaic Industries:

Cards mix and match controller I/Os

Compact stackable modules interface with both low- and high-voltage peripherals.

News from Mosaic Industries (19 June 2007)

Addon module embeds 24bit acquisition

Wildcard accepts low level signals directly from transducers, amplifies and conditions them, and converts them with 24bit resolution with no missing codes.

News from Mosaic Industries (25 May 2007)

Card adds location-aware function to instruments

A miniature GPS card can fit on to a single-board computer and add location-aware functions to within an accuracy of 15m to board-based instruments and data-acquisition systems.

News from Mosaic Industries