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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Oct 26, 2010

Mouser Electronics is stocking the Vinculum-II embedded dual USB host controller IC from FTDI, a specialist in converting legacy peripherals to USB.

The company's stock includes the FTDI Vinculum-II embedded dual host controller IC.

The embedded CPU in the Vinculum-II is upgraded from the previous VNC1L device, increasing the processing power.

It features a 16-bit MCU core with 256KB Flash and 16KB RAM memory.

The Vinculum-II is a complete USB system solution that supports a range of flexible interfaces, including UART, SPI, FIFO, plus a PWM output block to control motors and other analogue devices.

The complete USB protocol data processing is handled entirely by hardware resources within the device, freeing up processing resources for user-developed applications.

This fully programmable USB controller is supported with the Vinculum Software Tool Suite, which provides a royalty-free C-based integrated development environment to enable users to easily develop applications for the VNC2.

In support of the dual USB host controller IC, Mouser is stocking the full range of Vinculum-II (WNC2) development modules and tools.

The FTDI V2-EVAL is a complete evaluation and prototyping platform for the VNC2.

This two-board system features a main board with USB connectors and headers to access VNC2 interfaces plus separate daughter boards for connecting 32-, 48- and 64-pin variations of the VNC2.

The FTDI V2DIP1 and V2DIP2 are VNC2-based development modules with a single USB connector (V2DIP1) or two USB connectors (V2DIP2).

These modules are targeted at prototyping with the VNC2 and for application integration to enable USB capability within a finished product design.

The FTDI VNC2 debug module consists of a miniature board with a USB MiniB connector, which provides USB connectivity to Vinculum-II IDE development tools running on a PC.

The VNC2 debug module can be used to program and debug firmware running on the VNC2 device.

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