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News Release from: MIPS Technologies | Subject: Windows CE.NET on MIPS processors
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 1 May 2003

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The latest version of the Microsoft Windows CE.NET operating system, version 4.2, includes support for 32 and 64bit MIPS-based microprocessors

Formerly code-named "McKendric", the update to Windows CE.NET features faster performance and real-time processing, richer multimedia and web browsing capabilities and greater application compatibility across Windows CE-based devices. MIPS Technologies has worked closely with Microsoft since the inception of the Windows CE operating system.

In February of this year, together with nine of the MIPS Technologies licensees including AMD, Broadcom, PMC-Sierra and Texas Instruments, MIPS Technologies and Microsoft announced the "MIPS Alliance for Windows CE".

Adding to the near decade-long partnership between MIPS Technologies and Microsoft, the Alliance is a multicompany effort to help make the industry-standard MIPS architecture and the Windows CE.NET operating system the technologies of choice for OEMs developing next-generation digital consumer devices.

"The Windows CE.NET operating system continues to gain momentum within the embedded marketplace as a leading RTOS platform on which SoC designers can base their next-generation networking and consumer electronics designs", said Jack Browne, Vice President of Worldwide Sales at MIPS Technologies.

"MIPS Technologies and our alliance members closely collaborated with Microsoft to ensure Windows CE.NET 4.2 meets the expectations of OEMs using the industry-standard MIPS architectures.

We look forward to continuing our close relationship".

Announced at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Francisco, one of the largest annual technology events in the embedded electronics industry, Windows CE.NET delivers reliable, secure performance in a small footprint along with the latest networking and communications technologies.

Windows CE.NET 4.2 also provides developers with broad device support and enhanced features and technologies, including voice-over IP (VoIP) phone and gateway design templates, and platform development tool enhancements.

In addition, Windows CE.NET 4.2 includes new file and storage systems, expanded BSP support, over 2 million lines of shared source code, and improved kernel and security enhancements.

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