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News Release from: MIPS Technologies | Subject: Green Hills Multi IDE
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 9 November 2001

Development environment optimised for MIPS

MIPS Technologies and Green Hills Software have jointly developed a software development environment that is fully optimised for the industry-standard MIPS32 and MIPS64 architectures.

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MIPS Technologies and Green Hills Software have jointly developed a software development environment that is fully optimised for the industry-standard MIPS32 and MIPS64 architectures. This fully integrated, end-to-end software environment integrates Green Hills Software's award-winning Multi integrated development environment (IDE) with timing accurate simulators from MIPS Technologies, a new high performance hardware debug probe, operating systems support across a wide range of applications, as well as select components from third parties. The integrated tool set delivers a complete out-of-the-box solution for MIPS Technologies licensees, SoC developers and end users.

The new product, now being demonstrated globally in prerelease form, provides a complete, fully integrated software environment for currently available and announced cores from MIPS Technologies, as well as application-specific extensions (ASEs) to the MIPS architecture standard.

The full release, commercially available by year's end, will support the entire development process, including simulation, codesign and coverification, board bring-up, application development, and field support.

Subsequent enhancements are planned and a joint engineering team comprised of engineers from both companies is actively engaged in defining the next release.

"In order to adjust to shrinking market windows, customers require a systems approach to SoC development that combines leading microprocessor solutions and a fully integrated and highly optimised best-in-class tool chain", said Michael Uhler, vice president of architecture and software products at MIPS Technologies.

"Green Hills Software's tools technology represents today's best total solution for MIPS-based embedded development.

Our partnership builds upon their technology to further provide our customers with the solution that they need.

System developers who have seen the early results of our combined efforts are very pleased, and we are enthusiastic about building a complete solution for MIPS-based development on that platform".

From simulation to OEM system deployment, Green Hills Software's Multi IDE saves time throughout a project development lifecycle with its powerful features, efficient design and by eliminating the need for engineers to learn different tools and user interfaces.

Additionally, complete support for the entire MIPS32 and MIPS64 product lines eliminates the need for software engineers to change tools in the middle of projects, or when they use different MIPS-based cores on different projects.

While at the same time, complete integration of MIPS Technologies simulator now makes it possible to develop complete, cycle-accurate application models before cores are realized in silicon, enabling a true systems approach to development.

Green Hills Software's operating system support for MIPS-based cores includes their own maximum-reliability Integrity operating system and the small, fast ThreadX RTOS, both offered royalty-free.

Green Hills Software also provides task-aware and kernel-aware debugging for these and other operating systems including VxWorks, Linux, and OSE.

The initial release, scheduled for the end of this year, will include complete support for all MIPS32- and MIPS64-based core families and will span all phases of system software design.

Subsequent releases are being planned that will add more functionality and support new MIPS Technologies cores and ASEs.

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