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Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 16 March 2001

First 64bit processor in space

High-Reliability Components Corp has developed the first 64bit RISC microprocessor chip for space applications.

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High-Reliability Components Corporation (HIREC) of Japan, under contract with National Space Development Agency (NASDA) of Japan, has developed the first 64bit RISC microprocessor chip for space applications. The microprocessor chip is based on MIPS Technologies' leading 64bit processor architecture for high-performance, low-power embedded applications. The development was a collaborative effort, led by HIREC, among leading technology providers.

Toshiba Corp, a licensee of the MIPS architecture, developed the 64bit TX49 processor core intellectual property.

NEC Corp developed the chip's large-scale gate-array technology, and Kyocera Corp developed highly reliable packaging suitable for use in space.

NASDA plans to use the chip in satellite applications, beginning with the Engineering Test Satellite VIII, which will establish and verify the world's largest geostationary satellite bus technology and the Advanced Land Observing Satellite, which will be used for cartography, regional observation, disaster monitoring and resource surveying.

"Space applications are among the most demanding of all; performance, power, and stability all are paramount.

We are, of course, delighted that HIREC demonstrated their confidence in the MIPS architecture and chose our licensee Toshiba for this critical application", said John Bourgoin, chairman and CEO of MIPS Technologies.

"Toshiba and MIPS Technologies have a 10-year history of collaboration in the development of 32 and 64bit high-performance processor solutions in a variety of embedded applications, including the digital consumer and automotive markets".

"The use of MIPS-based technology in the TX49 core, incorporated into a rigorous space-based project, underscores the broad applications of the MIPS architecture and the TX49", said Masahiko Ono, technology executive of the Semiconductor Company for Toshiba.

"We expect that the core nurtured through our joint development efforts has applications for other markets".

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