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MIPS Technologies

Berghauser Strasse 62
Telephone: (Germany) +49 2191 900 200

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Listing of all 227 news releases from MIPS Technologies:

Cores to power femtocell basestations

 User application article   Chipset will be the most advanced solution for femtocell basebands, cost-effectively combining the most advanced feature set with an unmatched level of integration.

News from MIPS Technologies ( 1 August 2008)

Upgrade for GPS tuner core IP

The new generation of MIPS Technologies' GPS tuner IP core supports Global Navigation Satellite System systems in the L1 band and is also compatible with Galileo.

News from MIPS Technologies (29 July 2008)

Cores set standard for infrastructure development

 User application article   PMC-Sierra is set to use a range of MIPS cores in its next-generation products, including the MIPS32 1004K coherent processing system.

News from MIPS Technologies (23 July 2008)

Core powers wireless LAN chipsets

 User application article   The embedded 74K core helps Broadcom's new Intensi-fi XLR 802.11n wireless LAN chipsets maintain datarates of up to 300Mbit/s in each band

News from MIPS Technologies (21 July 2008)

Core licensing deal speeds ASIC development

 User application article   MIPS cores will enable K-micro to offer a range of optimised solutions to its customers in office automation and networking markets.

News from MIPS Technologies (10 July 2008)

Synthesisable cores power video encoding

 User application article   The MIPS32 24K core family offers performance of over 600MHz in a 90nm G process, while minimising design time and reducing product costs.

News from MIPS Technologies ( 1 July 2008)

Gnu Toolchain is optimised for MIPS

Release supports all MIPS cores, including performance enhancements in the MIPS32 24K core and the superscalar MIPS32 74K core, as well as other optimisations.

News from MIPS Technologies (27 June 2008)

Codec IP cuts power drain for on-chip hi-fi audio

Audio codec IP achieves an impressive 100dB dynamic range and -93dB THD while consuming only 7.8mW power when playing back through stereo line outputs at 48kHz.

News from MIPS Technologies (21 May 2008)

Processor cores suit consumer electronics

 User application article   The BL2348 RG SoC delivers the performance, integration and functionality required for the latest generation of customer premise equipment (CPE) that connects the home network to the access network.

News from MIPS Technologies (13 May 2008)

Multiprocessor core incorporates multithreading

The 1004K core optimises CPU performance on a shared memory system, enabling multiple functions and applications to be implemented in a single product.

News from MIPS Technologies ( 2 April 2008)

Processor and analogue IP combine in baseband

 User application article   First mobile WiMAX baseband processor optimised for handheld devices combines ultra-low power consumption, low cost and the smallest footprint.

News from MIPS Technologies (18 March 2008)

Audio IP achieves submicron approval

MIPS Technologies' 96dB Audio IP Codec is the world's first true above-96dB Hi-Fi quality, ultra low-power and compact-area audio IP to be silicon-proven in deep submicron processes.

News from MIPS Technologies (13 March 2008)

Interface IP is optimised for 65nm process

HDMI IP portfolio includes a PHY and digital controller for both transmit and receive applications.

News from MIPS Technologies (22 February 2008)

Core creates compact set-top-box SoCs

 User application article   Taiwan-based ALi Corporation has licensed the customisable MIPS32 24KEc Pro core for advanced multimedia designs.

News from MIPS Technologies (21 December 2007)

32bit cores to upgrade home entertainment

 User application article   Cores are chosen to achieve the highest possible performance in next generation SoC designs for the world's leading home entertainment product manufacturers.

News from MIPS Technologies ( 7 November 2007)

Processor core to advance H.264 video processing

 User application article   ASTRI's IC design team will design SoCs that focus on next-generation mobile technology, multimedia and performance computing solutions for media processors.

News from MIPS Technologies (25 September 2007)

Cores to extend video processing SoCs

Genesis Microchip will use a range of 32bit MIPS cores in SoCs for a variety of next-generation consumer display products.

News from MIPS Technologies ( 8 August 2007)

Cores to power broadband access

TrendChip Technologies will use the MIPS32 24KE and multithreaded MIPS32 34K processor cores for next-generation broadband access products.

News from MIPS Technologies (20 June 2007)

Cores double up to power digital TV

 User application article   Multimedia processors implement two 24KEc cores to offer HDTV system developers a solution that shortens design cycles and accelerates time to market.

News from MIPS Technologies ( 5 June 2007)

Synthesisable 32bit processors run past 1GHz

Next-generation processor core family is based on an innovative embedded microarchitecture.

News from MIPS Technologies (29 May 2007)

Company holds back earnings report

Five million networking chipsets shipped

Electronics company renews MIPS licence

Digital TV specialist licenses processor core

Licence takes 64bit cores to China

R and D expanded in Shanghai

Cores to power personal media player SoCs

Cores to power MoCA SoCs

New facility for software development spinoff

Cores power passive optical networking

MIPS reports best quarter's revenue in years

Cores to power the digital home

Architecture aids consumer electronics innovation

Audio suite integrates latest Dolby codec

New core-optimised IP kits

IP platform makes security smarter

Rundle handles legal affairs

Multithreading core aims to cut embedded costs

Mobileye quick to adopt multithreading core

MIPS returns to normal levels of activity

Core powers wireless LAN chipset to speed record

Kato takes charge of purse strings

Vice President's responsibility grows

Ralink licenses core for wireless duties

Cheertek to run set-top-box audio on RISC core

AAI is selected as a MIPS Approved Design Centre

Sarnoff extends functionality of MIPS products

Licensing delays put MIPS in the red

Core drives advanced SoC subsystem

DSP-extended cores gain VoIP support

First Silicon Solutions joins MIPS empire

Hard cores provide easy route to 32bit performance

MIPS records record growth in 2005

Core stars in optical networking SoCs

Cores answer calls for embedded DSP

Raza standardises on MIPS64

Cores licensed for next-generation multimedia SoCs

MIPS revenues surge by a third

Core set for Chinese set-top boxes

Software providers sign for digital TV alliance

Chinese university licensed to develop SoCs

Core is licensed for Chinese digital TV

Japanese university focuses on MIPS architecture

Infineon signs for processor cores

Subsidiary aims to exploit rapid growth in China

Corrent signs up for 32bit cores

Wipro signs up for 64bit cores

Herb comes onboard

Asustek to create MIPS-based consumer SoCs

Cores provide flexible VoIP solutions

Cores dominate in DVD recorder market

Analyst backs MIPS to prosper

Flexibility is key to core design win

Hays takes charge of engineering

Cores gain Linux development support

Broadcom signs for memory-frugal extension

Licence delivers

Sixth consecutive quarter of growth for MIPS

Upgrade for popular 32bit core

MIPS-based processors star at forum

Cores gain dedicated DSP extension

Core powers up NEC's new DVD recorder chip

Agilent signs to embed cores

Bourgoin and Eichler to address conference

Cores gain validated reference methodology

Network services processor features MIPS core

PMC-Sierra adds 32bit cores to portfolio

Cores chosen for handheld consumer applications

Cores for success in portable designs

SiNett cites core flexibility

OCP system controller boosts SoC performance

Conference presentation available online

Wireless video module is missing multimedia link

Cores run Java faster than dedicated hardware

Synthesisable cores run with Windows CE

MIPS revenue just keeps on rising

Pixelworks plans advanced display applications

Hard IP cores are quick route to SoC deployment

Zarlink has cores for communications

Kawasaki licenses top-performing core

Core powers up Infineon's home gateway chip

Platform simplifies audio SoC development

Israel is key centre of SoC growth

IP and the "battle for the digital living room"

Cores to control broadband access advances

Sony licenses 32bit cores

Core gains multimedia SoC interconnect IP

Core to power advanced RAID controllers

Bell set for key role

More cores for Atheros

Cores are first to feature OCP standard

Cell libraries help validate new cores

Top-performing 32bit cores released to market

Core performance verified

Support for top-performing cores

IP to play critical role in satisfying consumers

Big camera names using MIPS-based technology

Cores to find Japanese consumer applications

Seamless support for synthesisable processor cores

IDT has more cores to celebrate

Consumer success for MIPS-based ASIC chips

Core powers up home networks

Kawasaki adds cores to ASIC library

WIS Technologies joins MIPS fan club

Strong showing for customers at CES

Digital consumer devices fill Santa's sack

Broadcom design wins cement market dominance

Core to tackle secure payment applications

Core helps power wireless Xbox gaming

Multithreading boosts processor efficiency

Powerful claims for core quartet

Fodus to base SOHO wireless devices on MIPS core

More cores for Zoran

Microarchitecture aims for SoC dominance

Uhler moves up to top technology job

Synthesisable core aids DSLAM design

Sharp picks 32bit core for smart card designs

Processors are perfect match for embedded Windows

Infineon puts core to VoIP duties

Taiwanese SoC aims for residential gateways

SoC design services target Taiwan

Metalink puts cores to broadband tasks

Cirrus to put cores to work on DVD SoCs

Sunplus takes MIPS route to miniaturisation

MIPS and Microsoft aim to dominate

SoC cores take over DSP roles

Benchmarks prove speedy core performance

Bourgoin to speak in San Francisco

Award for Bourgoin

Security is key for speedy 32bit core

Micronas joins the MIPS fan club

Controller gets to the core of satcomms

Core powers video-over-IP solution

Martin-Perez takes over European operations

Zoran switches to MIPS cores

NEC puts cores to work in set-top boxes

Promotion for Browne

Processors supported by latest Windows

System controllers put cores to efficient use

Proxim to put MIPS core to speedy wireless use

Disappointing showing for MIPS

MIPS acquires Algorithmics

Sony boosts MIPS licence to 64bit

Centillium to put MIPS cores to broadband use

UMC to be first with Amethyst core

Broadband communications processor uses MIPS core

Latest 32bit cores join IP library

CoWare helps MIPS with design environment

Awards for MIPS processors

AMD to develop 64bit MIPS-based devices

Fulcrum joins the 32bit MIPS fan club

Core optimised for use in multiprocessing SoCs

Intrinsity to take MIPS to higher speeds

MIPS patent claims upheld

IHP takes MIPS core into broadband wireless

MIPS puts Accent on design

MIPS and Toshiba team up to develop 64bit core

64bit hard core comes on stream

MIPS sets sales for China

Hard-core application for 64bit technology

AMD joins MIPS fan club via Alchemy acquisition

MIPS buoyed by new licences after weakest quarter

Diefendorff takes on product strategy at MIPS

Real-time support for 32 and 64bit cores

Alliance to optimise SoC designs

Lexra settles for new role as MIPS licensee

TI takes latest MIPS core for ADSL advances

64bit core enables access packet processor

Development environment optimised for MIPS

Eureka Technology joins in MIPS alliance

Saivision joins MIPS programme

MIPS joins Japanese space race

Upgraded cores for faster performance at low power

64bit processors run latest version of Windows CE

Vesta joins MIPS Alliance Programme

Disappointing Q1 results for MIPS

IDT takes more cores from MIPS

MIPS cores join Synopsis IP library

Meyer goes from Chartered to MIPS

MIPS claims lead in patent case against Lexra

Intrinsix to help with MIPS designs

MIPS down 21% on the quarter

IDT takes MIPS 32bit core for comms SoCs

Broadcom to use 64bit MIPS core in set-top boxes

MIPS and Tality work on SoC integration

MIPS warns of flat fourth quarter

Thales uses MIPS core for high-security ASICs

Brecis uses MIPS core for broadband platform

Boosted performance for 32bit soft core

64bit soft core has integral floating-point unit

MIPS comes to Boston for East Coast support

Best quarter ever for MIPS

Adaptec raids MIPS for 64bit core

Philips takes first MIPS smart card cores

TSMC delivers hard core processors for MIPS fans

PMC-Sierra takes another MIPS license

First 64bit processor in space

MIPS at the core of advanced smart cards

Toshiba takes a 32bit RISC on MIPS

MontaVista puts Hard Hat Linux on MIPS

Hughes standardises on MIPS architecture

Conversay to use MIPS for speech platform

Atmel to use MIPS core in set-top boxes

Palmchip takes MIPS for faster custom ICs

Conexant to use MIPS64 5Kc core

Nintendo drags MIPS results down

TeraLogic to use MIPS cores in digital TV ICs


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