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Messe Muenchen

ZB Kommunikation GB4
Telephone: (Germany) +49 89 949 20631

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Production industry prepares for Productronica

Productronica, the world's leading electronics production tradeshow, will take place in Munich, Germany, from 13th to 16th November 2007.

News from Messe Muenchen ( 1 March 2007)

World of photonics comes to Munich

Laser 2007: World of Photonics will highlight the latest trends in photonics, the newest developments for this key technology and the way it is being employed in industry.

News from Messe Muenchen (30 November 2006)

Manufacturing show woos semi equipment makers

Messe Munchen is offering manufacturers of semiconductor equipment who want to continue to exhibit in Munich the opportunity of taking a stand at Productronica.

News from Messe Muenchen (25 September 2006)

Munich wireless conference calls for papers

The conference programme committee is calling for papers for the Wireless Congress 2006.

News from Messe Muenchen ( 4 April 2006)