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News Release from: 3M Digital Signage | Subject: Computer privacy filters
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 26 February 2007

Privacy filters safeguard commercial secrecy

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Computer privacy filters protect and conceal information between contestants on Talkback Thames' quiz show PokerFace

Computer privacy filters from 3M United Kingdom are being used to protect and conceal information between contestants on Talkback Thames' quiz show PokerFace, created and hosted by Ant and Dec. 3M Privacy Filters have been chosen as a cost-effective and straightforward solution to ensure fair play.

Interaction between contestants is crucial to the way PokerFace is played and heavily influences the outcome of the game.

At the same time, the privacy of each computer screen is essential so that contestants cannot snoop on their opponents screen and know how they are performing.

When creating the set of PokerFace, Talkback Thames designers and technical staff needed a way of preventing these sorts of tactics.

'We required a quick and easy solution to fit in with our ideas for set design and layout', said Talkback Thames' Dawn Gray.

'Moreover, the speed at which the solution could be delivered and installed was important to us, as television operates on very short lead-times'.

'Our technical consultants, Computing Plus, recommended installing 3M Privacy Filters, which have provided us with the perfect solution'.

3M Privacy Filters were simply attached to each PokerFace contestant's screen.

The filters are constructed using micro-louvres which work like tiny vertical blinds, absorbing light emitted in any direction outside a very small angular range in front of the screen.

This shields on-screen data from reaching anyone but the user.

'Uninvited and unwelcome viewing of information on a user's PC screen has become a universal problem, particularly because of the wide viewing angle of modern LCD monitors', said Tony Tebby, consultant at Computing Plus.

'In today's economy information is very valuable and highly sought after by competitors'.

'And so it is when PCs are used in a highly competitive quiz show like PokerFace'.

3M Privacy Filters have proved to be a TV-compatible solution, as well as an effective solution to safeguarding commercial secrecy.

'Our filters provide protection to users whether they are a PokerFace contestant, air or rail passenger, cafe patron, or exam student', commented Nick Hughes, Business Development Manager, 3M Privacy Filters.

3M Privacy Filters are available for almost any PC screen, from 12.1 to 21in, including 15.4 and 17in wide-screen displays and CRTs.

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