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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Jan 5, 2011

The MAX2667 and MAX2669 GPS/GNSS low-noise amplifier (LNA) range is suited for smartphones, personal navigation devices (PNDs) and other battery-powered handheld devices.

Designed using Maxim's advanced SiGe processes, these fully integrated LNAs feature a noise figure of 0.65dB, which improves receive sensitivity and read range over discrete or highly integrated CMOS solutions.

Maxim Integrated Products has announced the MAX2667/MAX2669, the newest additions to its GPS/GNSS low-noise amplifier (LNA) range

The MAX2667/MAX2669 provide different linearity options to suit system requirements.

For customers who wish to ensure a higher level of receive performance in the presence of signal blockers, the MAX2669 (at 4.5dBm) provides approximately 8dBm better in-band and out-of-band IIP3 than the MAX2667 (at -3.5dBm), for 4mA extra supply current.

For power efficiency, customers can expect longer battery life in their end-equipment design with the MAX2667, which is optimised for an operating supply current of 4mA (typical).

When not in use, both LNAs have an optional logic-enabled shutdown mode that reduces supply current to less than 1microamp.

These LNAs are offered in a space-saving, 0.4mm-pitch wafer-level package (WLP) that takes up 1mm2 of board space.

The MAX2667/MAX2669 require four external components to complete the board-level design (plus an optional resistor for logic-enabled shutdown) and operate from a 1.6 to 3.3V supply.

Fully specified over the -40 to 85C extended temperature range, they are available in a 0.86 x 1.26mm, six-pin WLP.

The MAX2667EVKIT and MAX2669EVKIT are also available for bench-level evaluation.

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