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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Apr 24, 2009

Maxwell Technologies has received purchase orders worth approximately $13.5m from three Chinese bus producers for Boostcap ultracapacitor modules.

These will support braking energy recuperation and torque-assist functions in diesel-electric hybrid buses.

David Schramm, Maxwell's president and chief executive officer, said that deliveries of the company's 48V BMOD0165 P048 modules, which are assembled by one of its contract manufacturers in China, have already begun and will continue through the balance of the year.

'Boostcap modules have demonstrated reliable performance and high efficiency in the first wave of vehicles that have gone into service, and the ability to connect these modules in series to meet various voltage requirements allows for easy integration into virtually any type or size of heavy vehicle.

'The modules meet transportation industry requirements for watt/hours of energy storage and watts of power delivery per kilogram, and are designed to perform reliably through one million or more deep-discharge cycles, or about 10 years of operational life for most vehicles,' he added.

BMOD0165 P048 modules are encased in a rugged, splash-proof, aluminium chassis.

They weigh 14.2kg and are 12.6 litres in volume (416.2mm x 190.1mm x 156.7mm).

These durable 'smart boxes' include temperature and voltage monitoring and internal cell voltage management that give designers plug-and-play options and make them versatile building blocks for systems with higher voltage requirements.

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