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Product category: Intellectual Property Cores
News Release from: LSI Europe | Subject: ARM1026EJ-S
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 14 May 2002

Library is armed with the latest cores

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LSI Logic has become the first ARM semiconductor partner to license the new synthesisable ARM1026EJ-S microprocessor core

LSI Logic is targeting advanced communications, storage, and consumer applications with the new core where high performance and low-power consumption characteristics are critical. LSI Logic has also licensed the Jazelle technology-enhanced, ARM7EJ-S core. LSI Logic will implement these cores in its Gflx 0.11-micron (drawn) and G90 90nm (drawn) process technologies.

"Our full range of synthesisable ARM processor cores have proven to be some of the most popular cores in our extensive CoreWare library", said Rafi Kedem, senior director of the processor cores technology group at LSI Logic.

"The new ARM1026EJ-S core provides an ideal high-performance upgrade path to the ARM9E family of cores, such as our recently announced 266MHz implementation of the ARM926EJ-S core.

The high performance capabilities of the ARM1026EJ-S core significantly extend the range of market applications now served by ARM".

"Our specific goals when we were developing the ARM1026EJ-S core were to create a processor that offered excellent functionality and flexibility so our Partners would be able to create products for a wide range of applications, from high-end networking to advanced multimedia wireless devices", said John Rayfield, director, R and D, ARM.

"LSI Logic's licensing of this core and their focus on designing diverse, high performance ASICs around the ARM1026EJ-S processor, further demonstrates the high value that ARM technology can bring to a broad set of applications and proves the company's commitment to the ARM architecture".

By licensing the new ARM1026EJ-S core and the ARM7EJ-S core, LSI Logic is further extending its high-performance SoC support for the ARM roadmap.

LSI Logic is now offering the ARM7TDMI-S core, the ARM966E-S core, the ARM946E-S core, the ARM926EJ-S core, the ARM7EJ-S core and the ARM1026EJ-S core.

In addition, LSI Logic is offering the amba design kit (ADK) and all of the ARM PrimeCell peripherals.

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