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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Nov 16, 2010

Linear Technology's LT3579, a current-mode, fixed-frequency step-up DC/DC converter is suitable for applications with input sources ranging from a single-cell Li-Ion to automotive inputs.

It offers integrated fault protection features for output shorts, input/output overvoltages and overtemperature conditions.

Linear Technology has announced the LT3579, a current mode, fixed frequency step-up DC/DC converter with integrated fault protection features for output shorts, input/output overvoltages, and overtemperature conditions

The LT3579 incorporates two integrated 42V switches, a 3.4A master switch and a 2.6A slave switch, which can be tied together for a total current of 6A.

It operates from an input voltage range of 2.5 to 16V, with transient protection to 40V.

The LT3579 is ideal for a range of local power supply designs as it can be configured as a boost, SEPIC or inverting converter.

The device's 4 x 5mm QFN package (or TSSOP-20E) and tiny externals ensure a compact footprint while minimising solution cost.

The LT3579's low VCESAT switches, 0.25V (tied together at 5.5A), deliver efficiencies up to 90 per cent.

With both switches combined from a 5V input, the LT3579 can deliver up to 1.7A at 12V or 1.2A at -12V.

For high-voltage outputs, the LT3579's slave switch enables high-power charge pump topologies that are very efficient and require few external components.

The LT3579's switching frequency can be programmed via a single resistor or synchronised to an external clock between 200kHz and 2.5MHz, minimising external component sizes and avoiding noise-critical frequency bands.

Undervoltage lockout (UVLO) is user adjustable for optimal system performance.

A single feedback resistor sets the output voltage, minimising external components.

Other features include external synchronisation capability and junction temperature monitoring.

For applications requiring higher output current, the LT3579-1 offers a CLKOUT pin signal that is 180C out of phase with the internal oscillator, enabling the device to be used in multiphase applications.

The LT3579EUF and LT3579-1EUF are available in 4 x 5mm QFN-20 packages.

The LT3579EFE and LT3579-1EFE are available in thermally enhanced TSSOP-20 packages.

Industrial temperature (-40 to 125C) versions, the LT3579IUFD, LT3579-1IUFD and LT3579IFE, LT3579-1IFE are also available from stock.

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