Linear unveils 200mA PNP low-dropout regulator

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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Mar 25, 2010

Linear Technology has introduced a regulator that is said to be adjustable down to 0V with a single resistor and easily paralleled for higher current.

The latest member of a next-generation range of linear regulators, the LT3082 200mA PNP low-dropout regulator features a new architecture using a current reference and voltage follower.

 The LT3082 200mA PNP low dropout regulator features a new architecture using a current reference and voltage follower.

The LT3082 200mA PNP low dropout regulator features a new architecture using a current reference and voltage follower.

This architecture permits the paralleling of multiple regulators and the sharing of output current using small amounts of PCB trace as ballast resistors.

Current sharing spreads the heat in an all-surface-mount system.

Extensive protection features include current limiting and thermal limiting as well as reverse input protection for the regulator and the load.

The LT3082's regulation is independent of output voltage and it operates up to 40V with output noise of only 40uVRMS over a 10Hz to 100kHz bandwidth.

The low TC current reference enables the single-resistor adjustment of output voltage and the device is stable with a 2.2uF ceramic or electrolytic capacitor on the output.

The minimum operating current is 0.5mA.

Steve Knoth, Linear Technology's senior product marketing engineer, said: 'The LT3082 regulator provides designers with a low-current, all-surface-mount regulator where a linear, low-noise output is needed for applications such as high-frequency serial data links or where paralleling for higher current and heat spreading eases surface-mount design.

'With its ability to provide zero output, this versatile device can control powering-down parts of the system,' he added.

The LT3082 is offered in three packages: the low-profile (0.75mm) eight-lead DFN (3 x 3mm), the eight-pin SOT-23 and the three-pin SOT-223.

Both the LT3082E and the LT3082I feature an operating junction temperature of -40C to +125C, while the LT3082MP operates from -55C to +125C junction temperature.

According to the company, 1,000-piece pricing starts at USD1.40 (GBP0.93) and USD1.56 for the DFN and SOT-23 packages in E and I grades respectively; USD1.50 and USD1.67 for the SOT-223 package in E and I grades; and USD4.05 for the SOT-223 in the MP grade.

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