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Linear Technology

All articles from Linear Technology

Power-management system for portable processors

Linear Technology has announced the LTC3589, a complete power-management solution for portable processors such as i.MX, PXA, ARM, OMAP and other advanced portable microprocessor systems.

News from Electronicstalk, 1 February 2011

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Switching regulator suits automotive applications

Linear Technology has announced the LT3575, an isolated monolithic flyback switching regulator suitable for industrial, medical, telecom, datacom and automotive applications.

News from Electronicstalk, 28 January 2011

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Power manager for batteries in portable devices

Linear Technology has introduced the LTC4098-3.6 for one-cell Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries used in portable devices.

News from Electronicstalk, 25 January 2011

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DC/DC controller targets industrial applications

The LT3748 from Linear Technology is a high-input-voltage isolated flyback DC/DC controller that is suitable for a range of industrial, medical, telecom, datacom and automotive applications.

News from Electronicstalk, 21 January 2011

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uModule regulator unit for low-noise applications

The LTM8033 3A DC/DC uModule regulator system suits applications that require low-noise operation, such as medical equipment, avionics systems, communication wireless systems and ultrasonic detectors.

News from Electronicstalk, 18 January 2011

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uModule Regulator targets medical systems

Applications for the LTM4618 6A DC/DC uModule Regulator include medical systems, ATCA cards, single-board computers, and industrial and networking equipment.

News from Electronicstalk, 13 January 2011

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LED driver for industrial and medical displays

Linear Technology has launched the LT3596, a 60V, 1MHz step-down DC/DC converter designed to operate as a constant-current LED driver for up to 30 LEDs in billboards, industrial displays and more.

News from Electronicstalk, 11 January 2011

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DC/DC controller implements Intel protocols.

Linear Technology has introduced the LTC3816, a single-phase synchronous step-down DC/DC controller implementing the Intel IMVP-6, IMVP-6+ and IMVP-6.5 protocols.

News from Electronicstalk, 7 January 2011

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DC/DC converter suits high ambient temperatures

Linear Technology has announced the H-grade version of the LT3496, which is suitable for automotive and industrial applications that are subjected to high ambient temperatures.

News from Electronicstalk, 5 January 2011

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Linear introduces H-grade switching regulator

Linear Technology has announced a H-grade step-down switching regulator for load dump and cold-crank conditions commonly found in automotive applications as well as 24V industrial supplies.

News from Electronicstalk, 24 December 2010

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Compact linear regulator with thermal resistance

Linear Technology has produced a wider-temperature-range version of the LT3010, a high-voltage, micropower linear regulator for avionics, military, industrial, automotive, RF and telecom applications.

News from Electronicstalk, 21 December 2010

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Voltage controller with integrated power MOSFET

Linear Technology has introduced the LTC4219 5A Hot Swap controller with sense resistor, for protecting low-power boards from inrush current in many RAID, server, telecom and industrial applications.

News from Electronicstalk, 20 December 2010

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Current mode controllers for military applications

Military-temperature-grade versions of the LTC3803/-3/-5 current mode flyback controllers are available in a six-pin ThinSOT package for industrial, telecom, military and automotive applications.

News from Electronicstalk, 17 December 2010

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DC/DC uModule PoL regulator for RAID systems

The LTM4611, a complete switch mode DC/DC uModule point-of-load regulator, is suited for applications in systems with only 3.3, 2.8 or 2.5V as the main power rail.

News from Electronicstalk, 14 December 2010

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Tool safeguards low-voltage portable electronics

The LTC4362 is a 2.5 to 5.5V overvoltage and overcurrent protector that safeguards low-voltage, portable electronics from damaging input voltage transients and current surges.

News from Electronicstalk, 13 December 2010

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Linear regulator suits use in telecom applications

Linear Technology's MP-grade LT3008 20mA linear regulator features operation from -55 to 125C for a range of applications, including avionics, military, industrial, automotive, RF and telecom.

News from Electronicstalk, 9 December 2010

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DC/DC converter for inverting power supply apps

Linear Technology has announced the LT3957, a DC/DC converter for boost, flyback, SEPIC and inverting power supply applications.

News from Electronicstalk, 7 December 2010

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500mA linear regulator with wide temperature range

Linear Technology has widened the temperature range of its LT1763 high-voltage, 500mA linear regulator, for applications including avionics, military, industrial, automotive, RF and telecom.

News from Electronicstalk, 3 December 2010

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RMS detector can be used in rugged environments

Linear Technology has launched the LTC5582, a high-dynamic-range 10GHz RMS detector designed for use on remote radio units or outdoor units deployed on cellular towers.

News from Electronicstalk, 2 December 2010

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DC/DC converter runs from TEGs and thermopiles

The LTC3109 is a step-up DC/DC converter and power-management IC that is designed to start up and run from millivolt input voltage sources such as thermoelectric generators (TEGs) and thermopiles.

News from Electronicstalk, 30 November 2010

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  • Driver powers up to 18 350mA white LEDs from 12V
  • DC/DC controller targets ASIC and FPGA supplies
  • Hot swap controller integrates power monitoring
  • DC/DC controller can be used with ASIC supplies
  • VLDO ideal for low-voltage, high-current rails
  • Buck regulator includes low-resistance switches
  • Regulator powers low-voltage, high-current devices
  • Isolator provides communication between I2C busses
  • Linear controller protects low-voltage electronics
  • Buck regulator ideal for single-cell li-ion apps
  • DC/DC converter compatible with all PC card slots
  • Linear Technology adds H- and MP-grade controllers
  • Voltage reference ideal for portable devices
  • Linear Technology releases H-grade DC/DC converter
  • DC/DC converter suits local power supply designs
  • ADC ideal for use in industrial environments
  • DC/DC controller for automotive start/top systems
  • ADC targets test and instrumentation applications
  • Controller suits high step-down ratio applications
  • Synchronous buck regulator targets Li-Ion apps
  • Controller suits robotic and telecom applications
  • DC/DC converter for various lighting applications
  • Supercapacitor chargers for data storage systems
  • DAC suits automotive systems and test equipment
  • Switching regulator suits automotive applications
  • Battery gas gauges target single-cell Li-Ion apps
  • Linear regulator ideal for battery-powered systems
  • DC/DC controller targets point-of-load regulators
  • Buck-boost converter for space-critical tasks
  • LTC554x mixers satisfy needs of WiMAX basestations
  • DC/DC controller ideal for industrial systems
  • Charger system targets li-ion/polymer batteries
  • PMIC ideal for use with low-power portable devices
  • Buck regulator uses 2.25MHZ switching frequency
  • DC/DC converter is compact LED driver solution
  • Switching regulator for automotive applications
  • 16-channel LED driver suits automotive systems
  • LTC3633 targets dual-cell li-ion applications
  • Regulator for microprocessor core logic supplies
  • LT3574 regulator ideal for industrial applications
  • Buck regulator enables maximum battery run time
  • Linear offers high-speed synchronous Mosfet driver
  • DAC enables design of higher-performance devices
  • LTM2881 uModule transceiver breaks ground loops
  • Linear Technology launches DC/DC regulator system
  • Buck regulator for single-cell Li-ion applications
  • Switching regulator targets automotive industry
  • Linear driver is suitable for driving SAR ADCs
  • LTM2882 Umodule transceiver breaks ground loops
  • Energy-harvesting tool targets low energy sources
  • Linear supply monitor has power glitch immunity
  • DC/DC converter for 50W LED applications
  • DC/DC controller for automotive applications
  • Linear seminars to discuss DC/DC regulators
  • LTM8025 provides 36V input and 24V output voltage
  • Power supply monitor manages DC/DC converters
  • Linear introduces two-phase DC/DC controller
  • DC/DC controller drives N-channel MOSFET stages
  • Linear introduces single-channel PoE controller
  • Step-down switching regulator features boost diode
  • Controller has phase-lock loop synchronisation
  • Op amps utilise power-efficient SiGe process
  • Switching regulator has integrated boost diode
  • Linear receiver subsystem reduces board space
  • Linear introduces PoE+ interface controllers
  • LTC2463 ADC integrates precision reference
  • LTC2656 DAC has 0.1 per cent gain error
  • H-grade DC/DC controller comes in six-pin package
  • Linear unveils dual IR/baseband receiver subsystem
  • Battery charger controllers keep efficiency high
  • Linear introduces four-port PoE controller
  • Linear converter achieves +/-1LSB INL and DNL
  • Linear DC/DC controller has wide input range
  • ADCs remove need for external reference
  • Converter delivers up to 100mA continuous current
  • Overvoltage regulator has overcurrent protection
  • Two-terminal current source has wide voltage range
  • Linear unveils H-grade DC/DC controller
  • Linear DACs are available in three resolutions
  • H-grade converter is guaranteed to 150C
  • Flyback controllers enable converter design
  • Xilinx verifies Linear Umodule regulators
  • DC/DC converter features overload fault detection
  • Linear expands regulator range with EMC system
  • Linear oscillator improves regulator control
  • Differential buffer drives high-resolution ADCs
  • DC/DC regulators are suited to harsh environments
  • Linear Technology announces wider-temperature LDO
  • Linear announces DC/DC converter
  • LT unveils synchronous buck regulator
  • DC/DC converter integrates APD current monitor
  • Linear Technology unveils DC/DC Umodule LED driver
  • Linear offers charger for Li-ion/polymer batteries
  • Linear unveils LTC3546 dual-channel regulator
  • LTM4609 DC/DC system added to Linear range
  • Linear Technology introduces LT3509 converter
  • Linear offers LTC3569 synchronous buck regulator
  • Regulator delivers 1.25A continuous output current
  • Linear introduces LTC3603 buck regulator
  • Linear converter drives up to four strings of LEDs
  • Synchronous buck regulator launched by Linear
  • DC/DC converter for GSM and GPRS cards
  • Linear releases new step-down switching regulator
  • PMIC integrates low-loss Powerpath control
  • Linear makes LTC4444-5 Mosfet driver more reliable
  • Linear LDOs have high input voltage capacity
  • DC/DC boost-mode converter launched
  • LTC2261 ADC dissipates only 127mW
  • LT8410/-1 converters need only 8.5uA quiescent
  • Linear Technology introduces LT3724MP controller
  • Linear introduces regulator for TFT-LCD panels
  • LT3085 NPN LDO removes need for heat sinks
  • Linear's LT3756 drives high-current LEDs
  • Linear introduces LT3972 switching regulator
  • Linear unveils power management IC
  • RMS detector features accurate RF power readings
  • Linear reveals switching regulator controller
  • LT3587 DC/DC convertor launched by Linear
  • LTC6802 IC manages lithium-ion cells
  • Hot Swap controller protects low-power boards
  • Linear releases filters/amplifiers
  • LTC3608 buck regulator delivers up to 8A
  • Linear Technology releases the LTC4352
  • Linear launches low noise boost converters
  • Linear launches low voltage hot swap controller
  • LTC2631 DACs come in small package
  • Linear releases the LTC3564 buck regulators
  • Linear unveils precision silicon oscillator
  • Linear launches power management device
  • Linear launches synchronous Mosfet driver
  • Linear introduces the LTC3862
  • Linear reveals current sense amplifier
  • Linear launches LTM8021 with on-board inductor
  • Linear introduces battery back-up system manager
  • Linear unveils ultra-low voltage monitors
  • Linear launches triple output converter
  • Linear releases dual DC/DC regulator system
  • Linear has power solution for handhelds
  • Linear Technology launches log RF power detector
  • Linear launches LTC3539/-2 DC/DC converters
  • Multichannel drivers reduce conversion errors
  • SAR convertor is fastest in family
  • Four-channel DAC has programmable outputs
  • Driver powers 10 LEDs for handheld backlights
  • Convertor has simple serial FPGA interface
  • Multi-output power IC powers automotive tasks
  • Delta-sigma ADCs save space and power
  • Rugged miniature regulator module for mil-aero
  • Buck and boost combine in single-chip power
  • MOSFET driver simplifies regulation
  • Power device is biased about LCDs
  • Buck regulator has extended range
  • Buck regulator adds two adjustable LDOs
  • Synchronous buck regulator delivers up to 10A
  • Buck regulator delivers constant current
  • High-efficiency regulator makes the military grade
  • Battery power manager is complete power system
  • Supervisor checks its own and external supplies
  • Driver powers up piezo motors
  • Low-noise ADCs upgrade comms performance
  • Convertor clarifies multichannel measurement
  • Boost convertor adds low-voltage regulator

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