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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Dec 13, 2010

Lattice Semiconductor's 'Power 2 you' book provides designers with 150 pages of technical details and design considerations for implementing common circuit board power-management functions.

The book, whose author is Srirama (Shyam) Chandra, a recognised authority on power management, is available in hard-copy format.

'Power 2 you' provides in-depth discussions of the technical details and design challenges for all common power-management functions, and examines programmable design solutions that can be modified using software.

Separate chapters are devoted to: reset generators and supervisors; power-supply sequencing; hot-swap controllers; power-supply O-ring controllers; power-feed controllers; margining and trimming.

'Power 2 you' is currently available for download as an eBook, or for ordering as a hard-copy edition.

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