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Kuka Controls

Hery-Park 3000
Telephone: (Germany) +49 821 4533 3768

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Real-time Ethernet gains new options

Kuka Controls will focus on real-time Ethernet and standardisation of interfaces at Embedded World.

News from Kuka Controls (12 January 2006)

Embedded stack brings fieldbus onboard

The EtherCAT master stack AT-ECAT/embedded from Acontis has been specially optimised for use in embedded operating systems.

News from Kuka Controls (25 November 2005)

Software module keeps clocks synchronised

Kuka Controls has released the beta version of its new IEEE1588 software module.

News from Kuka Controls (17 November 2005)

Motion control marries VxWorks and Windows

 User application article   Schleicher Electronic is using VxWin technology in its PC-based motion control solution ProNumeric.

News from Kuka Controls (17 November 2005)

Real-time extensions help control robotic system

 User application article   Kuka Controls successfully completed a technical demonstration of a robotic system at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles, California, USA.

News from Kuka Controls ( 6 October 2005)

Software set for naval simulators

VxWin software from Kuka Controls has been selected as the basis for the US Navy's SLBM weapons training system.

News from Kuka Controls ( 2 September 2005)

Real-time software adds device management

Kuka Controls has developed a new real-time device manager, which is included with the latest versions of its CeWin and VxWin real-time software extensions.

News from Kuka Controls (18 August 2005)

Software adds network data distribution service

Kuka Controls has successfully integrated its VxWin product with Real-Time Innovations' (RTI) open architecture network data distribution service, NDDS.

News from Kuka Controls (29 July 2005)

Real-time extensions aid automotive development

Kuka Controls has released new versions of its CeWin and VxWin real-time extensions, giving developers a foundation for following OMAC guidelines.

News from Kuka Controls (30 June 2005)

OS extension works with dual-core MPUs

VxWin Version 3.1 allows VxWorks developers to take advantage of the latest multiprocessor systems from Intel and AMD.

News from Kuka Controls (28 June 2005)

Memory upgrade for real-time Windows extension

With CeWin Version 3.3, applications can take full advantage of the latest multiprocessor systems from Intel and AMD.

News from Kuka Controls (14 June 2005)

50,000 robots can't be wrong

Wind River Platform Partner Kuka Controls will be an exhibitor and session presenter at the Wind River 2005 Worldwide User Conference, from 22nd to 25th May 2005 in Orlando, Florida.

News from Kuka Controls (18 May 2005)

Middleware works with real-time extension

Kuka Controls has certified Visuality Systems' CIFS NQ client and server middleware for compatibility with its real-time extension VxWin.

News from Kuka Controls (22 April 2005)

Step 7 compatible soft PLC tested

KUKA Controls has tested the soft PLC AT-S7 in the context of its certification program for its seamless operation in real-time extensions CeWin and VxWin.

News from Kuka Controls ( 4 April 2005)

Programme certifies components for OS coexistance

Kuka Controls has set up a programme to certify component compatibility for running Windows XP and either Wind River VxWorks or Windows CE concurrently on a single processor.

News from Kuka Controls (14 March 2005)

Embedded software gets to grips with memory

The latest version of VxWin homes in on the requirements of embedded developers.

News from Kuka Controls ( 1 March 2005)

Software for an Embedded World

Kuka Controls will demonstrate VxWin and CeWin on Booth 121 in Hall 11 at Embedded World in Nuremburg together with its distributor Acontis.

News from Kuka Controls ( 7 February 2005)

Distributors and partners target Asian expansion

Kuka Controls has established a comprehensive network of distributors and partner firms in China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan.

News from Kuka Controls (21 December 2004)

RTOS extensions find industrial automation niche

 User application article   Kuka Controls has identified industrial automation as one of the most promising market segments for its real-time operating system enhancement products - CeWin and VxWin.

News from Kuka Controls (30 November 2004)

Upgraded cohabitation for XP Embedded and VxWorks

VxWin is a real-time extension that allows Wind River VxWorks and Windows XP to reside concurrently on a single processor.

News from Kuka Controls (22 November 2004)

Partner programme makes it easy

Free evaluation for embedded Windows extension

Software brings Windows XP and VxWorks together


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