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1716 A North Main Street
CO 80501-7413
Telephone: (USA) +1 303 776 1356

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Software speeds hardware validation

Kozio's kDiagnostics provides a manufacturing solution for functional testing of Freescale-based hardware, including the MPC837xE series of processors, as well as numerous other CPUs and chipsets.

News from Kozio (17 April 2008)

Suite speeds production test preparations

Integrated suite of tools delivers an embedded functional test application for the device under test along with reusable host tools for test sequence execution, test tracking and test reporting.

News from Kozio ( 6 February 2008)

Suite set to redefine digital board testing

Newest version of kDiagnostics is most significant release in recent years and includes new technologies based on customer feedback.

News from Kozio ( 4 January 2008)

Intel processor receives validation support

In addition to the launch of kDiagnostics for the Intel IXP435, Kozio offers support for boards using other processors in the IXP product line

News from Kozio (17 September 2007)

Validation support shortens time to market

RapidIO Validation IP allows designers to rapidly test and troubleshoot RapidIO technology.

News from Kozio ( 4 September 2007)

Diagnostic software supports latest AMCC PowerPC

Kozio has produced a version of its kD