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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Jun 4, 2009

Knowles has developed a wide range of balanced armature speakers for in-ear applications.

Balanced armature transducers are widely used in hearing-aid applications because of their small dimensions and high efficiency.

For the same reasons they are also suitable for small consumer and professional in-ear phones.

Balanced armature transducers are designed for complete seal of the ear from environmental noise and therefore enable the user to listen at convenient levels.

Precaution should be used with in-ear phones where external auditory cues are important.

Knowles has developed its balanced armature speakers taking into account typical head-related transfer functions in order to achieve a frequency response that supports a natural hearing sensation.

Miniaturised two-way transducer systems allow for wide bandwidth and low distortion as well as high design flexibility.

For more information on this range of miniature balanced armature speakers for consumer in-ear applications, click on 'download tech specs' on the right-hand side of the page to link to an in-depth article in PDF format.

Find out more about this article. Request a brochure, download technical specifications and request samples here.
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